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The Harvest

As many of us may know we have just about completed Fall/Winter fashion week for the 2016-2017 upcoming season. All showcases were handled early in the year from fashion shows, trunk shows and presentations. Over 200+ designers show during fashion week in some way and that’s just counting New York, all around the world in February shows where happening. Unfortunately, even the most popular fashionista, editors and bloggers can't make it to every single show. That’s why you join groups and networks that does the research for you and literally sifts through each show that went on during February fashion week. I was invited to join Fashion Group International Philadelphia who presented a Trend Presentation to go over what's due to trend in the fashion world and, what we are to see this upcoming fall season. They basically #harvested all the similar silhouettes, color theories and fabric choices and presented to us what could possibly be trending this year. To name a few of the categories that where harvested to trend this year were:

Denim to Tie Dye for - Tie Dyed Denim

Embroideries and Tapestry – Clothing with fabric that mimics curtains, furniture fabrics or Rug fabrics. Anything that has brocaded details.

Gold Standard – Metallic golds active wear, the fabric actually looks like a sheet of gold. Very robotic looking.

Anything black velvet! Yes its back, from black velvet shoes and handbags to a full black velvet trench coat.

Lining Up – Vertical stripes on anything

Shearlings – Shearling Coates, wool on the inside and leather or some sort of other fabric on the outside

Bouncy Blouse – if it flows like a jelly fish than it’s a trend!

We closed the trend presentation with a demonstration of local designers from Philadelphia, Victoria Wright, designer and owner of Victoria Wright Designs. Her line is sophisticated, whimsical and effortlessly chic! This design house is a contemporary collection of pieces that are glamorous yet have a timeless feel. From viewing Victoria's pieces you can definitely tell that she has a love for femininity and florals. I definitely felt the charm with her designs and embracing the feminine body with the synched waist line and high waist skirts. The Victoria Wright line really challenged my way of thinking with the floral approach, I have never been a fan of anything floral however, I love flowers! buying them for myself and receiving them. So with this line it introduced me to have a new found love for floral embossing. If it's on the garment as a knitted structured arrangement, brocaded, embossed or netted, I tend to flock to those pieces quit fast which I noticed yesterday during the presentation. So I'm thankful for the self-actualization that her line spoke to me, allowing me to realize something new I didn’t even know I liked!

Another local designer was also at the presentation Gabrielle Mandel designer and owner of Supra Endura which is a design house inspired by a non-profit. This collection works to raise both money and awareness for a unique cause. As soon as I heard her mission and the reason behind her line I was instantly hooked. I love concepts! I live my life based off of concepts and intentional living. This line has intentions to give back whatever the cause may be and I love that about Supra Endure, Gabrielle draws inspiration from her surroundings and the love of prints. She makes her own prints with each print having a story behind it and also an explanation of why the print flows on each piece for example Gabriella explains with the print: “The Unbearable Lightness of Jellyfish” a portion of its profits from the garment designed with this print would go to the National Ocean Conservatory. So Cool!

It is so much excitement around the upcoming fashion season and what we are scheduled to see on the racks. If I where you I would definitely start taking notes so that you can be a part of the trend changing fashion. If the above trends aren’t your style, I challenge you to try something new this season. If you would like to be a part of fashion group international please visit their site or if you are in another state search your region I'm sure there is a group near you!



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