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What the inkiest hue will do

I have been on this sub conscience journey of wearing black and I honestly don’t know why. This post is long overdue because lately I have conscientiously been noticing my preference in the inky hues in my wardrobe. Now there is nothing wrong with wearing black or dark colors, but is sure does show a shift in character when you often wear a wide variety of colors and then start resulting to black. People automatically assume that "oh she must be going through something, a break-up, death in the family" but why can't I just be in love with black? We are already well in 2016 and my style DNA is really changing. The wardrobe or styling that I was into maybe two years ago, I'm not too sure if I'm into currently. This theory doesn’t mean that I will #NEVER go back to what I once wore but it sure does show the shift in lifestyle that I'm pursuing. I mean this in the happiest manner; I'm in love with the girl that I see starring back at me in the mirror, in all black.

My black isn’t worn based off of a mood even though my style is very moody. In black I feel powerful! My femininity rises as soon as a black turtle neck goes on. Black is black, but it is also how you style your black will determine how others view you for example:

Androgynous Black

Very trend driven being as we have many stars in this look right now such as Janelle Monae and Pink. This look is very gender bending {looks like a guy but has sex appeal like a girl} so it makes people think and question, which is always cool.

The Goal: To keep people guessing

Minimalist Black

Also very on trend but in my opinion can only be pulled off by the right person. This look is for the simplest person not trying to make a statement, but being as it's so simple it make the biggest statement of all.

Remember: Little effort has a BIG impact

Multi-Purpose Black

This is probably my favorite go to black look! Its black, it has the turtle neck of sophistication and sexiness. This look also has office vibes and a flirty flare. With stockings dresses it down but without the stockings would dress it up {this is what I mean by multi-purpose} this look can only be paired with a sleek hair style! It pulls everything together which mean you are viewed as "pulled together"

Must Have: Little Black Dress {LBD}

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