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The Healing Process

Like any other morning, Wednesday April 13th was no different, got up with my usual routine and on my way into to work listen to my newly added routine "Heal a Women to Heal a Nation" conference call at 8am. Dialed in and by this time I'm at my desk trying to shush my co-workers away so I can be focused for my call. The call always opens up with some inspirational women's music such as Golden- by Jill Scott. I'm always so amped to hear the call because it's such a refresher, boost and motivator for me to get through my hump day. But on this particular day things where a little different, the call started strong and ended strong as usual but before we hung up and pledged our mantra for the week, Mothyna James-Brightful {one of the phenomenal co-founders} screamed and said that Monokia Nance {another vibrant co-founder} just reached out to her stating that they would be sponsoring two women for the HWHN Conference that upcoming weekend. Now was the time I had to decide, was I going to step out on faith {which is something I had been praying about weeks prior} or was I going to let my anxiety get the best of me and not enter to win. One thing I did know was that the possibility scared me, I could actually win. I'm here to tell you that stepping out on faith is truly rewarding and such a necessary investment to your well being.

I got picked! I instantly received an email saying "You've got it, You'll receive an confirmation email shortly" I couldn't believe that I had gotten selected, overwhelmed and scared at first because my thoughts where, how was I going to get there? Who would I stay with? What about money? But if faith and favor is in my heart why am I in doubt yet again? Calls began to get made and I started sharing my excitement with everyone. By this time Wednesday was over and I hadn't received and email yet saying that I was confirmed for anything. The anxiety crept back as it was now 10:30 going on 11pm and no response.

On the phone with #WhatTheElle as I told her I didn't receive any confirmation yet, I had then explained to her that I would just email them in the morning. #WhatTheElle immediately said "Email Them Now" as she knew I was about to just push it off until the morning, which would fall into not emailing them at all. So into my inbox I went and sent HWHN an email of my worries regarding the confirmation. Within 20 minutes they emailed me back and the blessing was on.

Thursday morning 8am I had already gotten homework from my sister friends at HWHN asking me critical questions regarding who I am to my business and what needs to happen in order for ME to grow first then my business to follow. Thursday all day at work was Operation Figure It Out. From doing the homework they required of me to getting the money together to get there. Already within 24 hours, my life was being transformed and I was already practicing what I would be learning this weekend! (FYI : I had a clarity call with Mothyna on Monday before the Wednesday call and we discussed more in depth about me making drastic and radical action in my life to see better results. We both didn't know we would be meeting each other that coming weekend.) I made the move by entering to win, I received my results by being picked and now it was time for me to make it happen. I completed all my assignments and sent everything back on Thursday. This conference was everything I had been praying for plus more, Mothyna, Monokia, and Dr. Maria took me under their wings and compassionately taught each women at that conference how to fly.

We started off with questioning ourselves with what do we tolerate most? Because as women we put up with everyone else's emotions, incompleteness and frustrations when it may be blocking us from thinking critical about our own. Another practice we did was realizing that we cannot reach our full potential unless you have a healthy mind and body. What you do with everything will follow the same pattern, healthy body = healthy business = healthy relationships, get it? A great self care activity we did was releasing to the universe who we are and our sister friends would release it back to us. For example "I AM wonderfully made and set apart " sister friend then says " YOU ARE wonderfully made and set apart" it was definitely a transformative experience that you would have to witness to know the true impact it had on other women around me.

We where scheduled for so many workshops from self development, branding, to financial freedom. During this process I was able to be transformed as a women in business and really know what it means when people say "Success is not Selfish" they didn't HAVE to sponsor me to be there but it was my job to be sure I showed up not only for them but for ME. I came out of this conference a New Member of Heal A Women to Heal A Nation, but I also came out of this weekend victorious. This weekend was handpicked for me to go BY MYSELF and figure everything out as it got presented to me. This weekend taught me how to dance in the rain because a rainbow is sure to follow after the storm. HWHN was apart of my test and is now apart of my testimony.

If you want more information on how to join this beautiful community and see what Heal A Women to Heal a nation is please visit their website www or if you need to hear how they transform women's lives on a daily start how I started by listening in on the conference calls every Wednesday at 8AM dial (641) 715-3580 use code: 825588



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