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Ivy Park

We all have that one person or thing that influences us the most or someone who quickly changes your mindset because of their influence. Influence {the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of someone or something} so by this time we are about two weeks post the Instagram dropping of Ivy Park promo video and year and a half on the actually idea of IVY PARK. She dropped snippets of her alethic line two weeks ago which everyone went crazy over and resulted in over 7,500 views on Hashtags and High Heels Instagram all from one hashtag #IvyPark. As many of you may now know the name comes from her childhood park that she used to visit with her father "Parkwood Park" which she visits often when facing life's challenges such as child birth, being a role model to her younger sister, Solange and living up to her sacrifices from her parents. This story, this line and the aesthetic is literally addicting I know for sure for me ever since I saw Beyoncé on that treadmill running in that promo video, I now run! {But I'm also training for a marathon!} Which was something I really hated doing. Beyoncé tells her story about how that park gave her so much discipline, I too was hooked. So many people are talking about how this line has influenced them to start working out and for me it just really challenges me to do MORE!

As you all know this whole 2016 for me is all about obedience starting with Dubai then fasting and now running, look how far I've come since December and because I had been influenced in some way. All this brings me back to what an influence can do to you and how much it really can work through you. Looking at the splendor around you, constantly breathing through situations and seeing the beauty in any circumstance is what IVY PARK advocates. The brand questions your strength and state of mind to determine what your status is in your life. The line includes active wear such as yoga pants, sports bras, head bands, flip flops and one piece jumpsuits –all to work out in! I was super exited when I got wind of this idea and I hoped that it wasn’t going to be just a one-time thing or limited edition because I'm tired of that. I hope that this line for Beyoncé stays and is something that will be around for a long time with new colors and pieces as the season's transition. IVY PARK drops today in stores and online so make sure you get yourself a piece of the pie or in other words a piece of the park! IVY PARK can be found at Topshop, Nordstrom and Zalando.



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