• Danielle

Does life exist on a timeline

Does life exist on a timeline? I often hear my friends and even myself sometimes saying we’re at the age where we should be doing this or that as if there is a written book of life and the order in which you do things. Unknowingly we put a lot of pressure on ourselves thinking that we’re running out of time. The idea that if it doesn’t happen by this time it’s never going to happen, thereby putting a hindrance on our own lives and what we perceive to be right.

I’m learning that everything happens in it’s own time when you’re ready. A lot of times I would be so down because I hated my job and I just couldn’t understand why I could not get a job in my field and it would really make me upset. I would feel so disappointed in myself, like I let myself down. My dad would always tell me everything your going through is preparing you for your blessing, not my will but thy will. Things never happen when you want them to but always happen when you least expect it.

Women in particular I feel as though we put a lot of pressure ourselves as well as society to find a man get married at this time and have children at this time. Just think about it past the age of 35 even our doctors are telling us pregnancy is high risk. Not that it can’t happen but it’s better if you do it before then. Thereby putting us on a timeline of oh man I’m 30 I have to find the man and have the babies before it’s too late. Life shouldn’t be lived like that. Just the other day I was telling a friend I’ll probably have to freeze my eggs because both my mother and grandmother went through menopause at such an early age I don’t want to miss out on my chance to have children. Now I’m only 26 and we never know what the future holds but at 26 I shouldn’t have to think about freezing my eggs, if I’m meant to have a family it will happen.

We have to disengage and let go of societal prowess on how to live our lives according to time. My mother didn’t receive her undergraduate degree until she was in her 40’s and is currently working on her masters. No she didn’t go to school straight out of High School but that didn’t mean that she could never go. With all this being said I think it’s important to always remember why you started something and never give up on yourself no matter what the circumstances. Sometimes I believe we become “lost” and I use that term really meaning we starting to question is this what I should be doing it hasn’t happened yet so maybe I need to try something else. Live for what you know is right, right now in this moment. Stop trying to force life to happen and allow it naturally come to you when it’s your time.



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