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Time Saving Tips From a Procrastinator

Hello my name is Danielle and I am a procrastinator. I have done this all my life especially when it came to schoolwork. At this point I have just accepted it as my lifestyle. Even when life proves me wrong and I find myself saying "if I would have just had more time” I still procrastinate! What most creators have learned is that procrastination is actually good for us. There’s nothing like working under pressure and getting every drop your creative juices that you have to offer. I know personally I do some of my best work at the last minute it’s almost as if you’re on a creative high in a mind that’s not your own. The experience is actually pretty magical.

Now there are times where you really shouldn’t procrastinate because of timing like, getting up for work in the morning. For instance I will sleep until the very last second where I have just enough time to get my clothes on, use the bathroom, brush my teeth and do something with my hair. One reason why I do not wear makeup to work is because it takes away from the extra seconds I get to sleep each morning. Even sleeping until the last minute I still make it to work on time or almost 7 minutes late tops. #TeaWithTiffany cannot fathom how I live my life like this day in and day out. There are occasional times when I do have extra time in the morning and I have to admit it does feel really good just to know I have more time.

So to ensure I can sleep even longer I have a few time saving tips for the procrastinator.

1. Lay out your clothes for the entire week on Sunday. Yes, I said Sunday it’s even better than getting your clothes ready the night before, because even still you have to take time out to get them ready each night. Do it on Sunday, get every outfit from Monday-Friday and every morning all you have to do is get dressed. I cannot express enough how much this has helped my life.

2. Now we should all know to pack your lunch at night. Whether you ate in or dined out at some point you have to come into the kitchen, while you're in there make a quick lunch, pack your lunch bag or leftovers and place it conveniently in the fridge for a quick grab and go in the morning.

3. If you’re a grab and go breakfast person like me put that in your lunch bag as well and enjoy it on your way to work or once you get to work. If it’s more of a venti dark roast shot of espresso type of morning and you have to hit Starbucks like almost everyone else in the world avoid the long line by getting the app. Most of your favorite restaurants to go to have a quick breakfast or lunch have an app. You can order and pay from your phone walk right in grab it and go. It also helps if you have a short lunch break and want to avoid rushes during lunch time. Great thing about the apps is that it saves everything that your order so all you have to do is select a recent order and be on your way.

From one procrastinator to another this is how I get through my days without feeling like I’m rushing or forgetting something and it’s improved my life so much. Imagine all the extra time you’ll have to think about why Beyoncé still has not dropped an album.



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