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7 Rules to Live By

On one of my soulful Saturdays that I'm starting to love so much I ended up in a library full of fifty cent to a dollar books, upon my stumble I chose two books which were Robin Roberts 7 Rules to Live By and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. So the reason for this post was to basically give you my own review of the book and what I loved the most about it. I moseyed on over to the mind, body sections of the used book shelf and started my search for something I didn’t even know I wanted. The Robin Roberts book stood out not only because it was a black author, but because inside when I read the overview of the book was a scratch off! So I immediately thought "hmmm" this random book with this random scratch off. I purchased both books for under $3 and went looking for a nook to see what exactly I won, because I knew that this scratch off would be well worth a million dollars. In my head all I could think was that everything I had been praying for was about to be changed all because of this book.

Unfortunately the scratch off wasn’t a winner so I decided to begin reading the book "7 Rules to live By" it starts off with Robin as a young adult going through the motions with selecting a major for college then interning and finding her way through life. I fell completely attracted to this book because Robin was so relatable and I saw myself through her. The book started with these simple but very impactful rules.

Position yourself to take the shot

This chapter talks about Robin putting herself in the proper position for good things to happen. This I can totally relate to and couldn’t agree more with. You most definitely have to have your positioning correct before taking the shot. Now this statement can go both ways because you can make a shot from an awkward position, as long as you take a shot. My #1 issue is planning things out, in order for me to do things properly I feel like they have to be set up to succeed when that’s not the case at all. Life isn’t about order but about the positions you play in whatever order they are delivered to you. I had to constantly ask myself, am I putting my passion first? Am I giving my passion enough time? No and no, I felt like I had to go to work and WORK when in reality I can handle more than just working at work. I can write, make phone calls, set up personal appointments etc. It's not about the order it's about the position you play in whatever order you are in. Every day is a new reality a new opportunity to perfect your craft and passion and things you love. Are you addicted to living your best life? Okay then live it! It's not the position that you're in that’s holding you back, it’s if you're willing to take the shot no matter what position you're in. The point is to play your position!

Dream Big but Focus Small

This chapter talks about being in all reality, I'm fully aware that everyone's dreaming big { moving and fantasizing about money, power, love} But in reality these things don’t come over night and they take, time effort and money. It talks about how dreams are far and sometimes vague but if you set achievable goals for yourself that these things can be more tangible and rewarding in the process. Determining what was right for me was actually this blog. It gives me reason, purpose and obedience. While doing this I'm practicing my writing and creative direction but also still failing forward towards my dreams! Notice I said failing forward because that’s honestly what it takes, it takes constant "No's" to get to that one "Yes" Of course I want to work for a major magazine but the focus right now while working towards that dream is Hashtags and High Heels.

Another great chapter that I totally applied to my current life is the 5th chapter,

Venture outside your comfort zone

This chapter I feel like I should’ve read over and over again, I'm the first one to get comfortable in discomfort when I only just realized how much of a safe place it can be. Being comfortable in your situation that isn’t the ideal life that you dream of is addicting I feel like. So many times I questioned my life asking why can't I just be mediocre and be just another girl lost in something I think is "love" get the job that pays just the bills and live my little mediocre life. Only to realize that I was set apart I was chosen to live the life that I have because it's FOR ME. Nowadays I wish those thoughts never came across my path because who wants a life that they weren’t meant to live? I don’t. I've come to the conclusion that my belly is pregnant with so much possibility and I am capable of so much more that I'm putting my mind to. This realization has caused me to think outside the box and to not worry about tomorrow but more so the now. My dream is non-negotiable and if out of the comfort zone is where I need to be, then there is where I will go. The things that are done outside of our comfort zone will soon become comfortable the more we do it.

This book was definitely an eye opener and allowed me to realize my strengths, weaknesses and to ultimately just go for it. It was a great book for someone starting off with dreams and need a little more insight on how to handle or go about the process. But the book goes off and also elaborates that this is YOUR life and it's no rules strict enough or a book big enough to teach you how to live it.

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