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Weekend Plans?

I'm super late with this post but, I totally forgot to tell you all about my superb serene weekend last week. For the most part I'm probably piping it up more than expected but, it was fun to me so I have to tell you the tea! My weekend started off anonymous being as I had no plans what so ever and decided that the weekend would be a ME weekend if no one decided to intervene {which honestly no one did} until I started getting extremely lonely. So Friday came and went, at work and that’s when I got the call from my high school girlfriends that they wanted to come over and cook dinner, so of course I gladly told them yes! But of course only after my Namaste was said at Yoga. On my way from my practice I started calling the girls inquiring about their location and what I needed to grab for dinner. The girls were at my door soon as I stepped foot out of the shower.

We ended up making a zesty shrimp and chicken Alfredo with veggies. We even decided to make some cookies which were delightfully burnt. Popped another batch in and continued to chat and watch Apple TV {My new addiction} we ended the night around midnight and my sleepy eyes were closed tight 30 mins later. I woke up well rested which I was so pleasantly pleased about so I decided to truck it to Yoga for a morning Vinyasa session with my new favorite instructor. After Yoga I decided to stop in the library that I pass almost every day when coming from my practice. So today, sense no real plans where set I found myself in the library for almost two hours. I honestly forgot how much I love the site of books and the feeling I get while holding one. Since about December I had been picking back up on my old habit of reading and I have been really enjoying it. I always been a reader at heart but when electronics get involved I find myself suddenly not feeling like pouring out any creative juices {reading, journaling, and drawing}

So while in the library I felt right at home and even bought two books for $3 {got to love a good thrift find} I found myself as soon as I bought them wanting to go find a good nook and sit and read all day. 20 mins turned into an hour and it was time to go, I still needed to shower and get some lunch. Home I went, and back out I went with book in hand to get a pedicure and Panera Café, I decided to wait around for one of my besties to join me. After she ever so graciously stood me up I got some food and continued to nose dive into my book. Currently, I'm reading Robin Roberts "Eight Rules to Live By" which has surprisingly been such an inspiration. I wasn’t expecting it to be that good but it's definitely a page turner. After lunch I went home to take a nap only to be disrupted by the bestie who stood me up, begging me to come with her to the mall. How could I resist! So back out I went and ended up picking up a few beauty items and candles {two of the things that make me most happy out of life} I also got a pair of smoked clear quartz earrings.

Later on that night we ended up going out to celebrate a birthday and I ended up seeing a few friends I haven’t seen in a long time and it felt so good catching up. With that late night came an early morning and back to Yoga I went with intentions to focus on my headstand.

The weekend was filled with so much #SelfLove and #BlackGirlMagic that I had to share and tell you how unplanned my planned weekend went. Life really gives back to you when you allow yourself to unexpectedly receive. Enjoy your weekend! Be sure to comment below on any random weekend finds you might have encountered in the past.


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