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So as I sit here at my desk at work dwelling over the fact that I completed all of today's work and worries. With clients calling and constantly asking questions just sitting at my desk not thinking about my next task feels good. Today definitely felt like Monday all over again. Well either way I'm done. So as I close all my screens and get ready for my afternoon blog reading before my day is over with. I came across my new favorite fashion retail site StyleWe, that I already really enjoy {seriously only took me five minutes to get hooked} So as I go through the site I noticed how simple and straight forward this site was and the type of fashion they sold. StyleWe gives off 50s professional flare with a modern vibe and when I say modern vibes I mean the lengths of skirts and the fit. It's basically an affordable site with items ranging from $80- $200. What I thought was cool about this site is that it offers different designers from A-Z so if you shop "Blue Sky" it can be found on StyleWe and if you shop "Inplus Lady" she's available on this site too. The site basically puts all the designers together based on the aesthetic of the clothing. So if you looking for a bomber jacket the site gives you a page of designers who offer that specific item. This is great site if you are looking for a vast variety of clothing and don’t know what site to go on. StyleWe is very helpful for the shopper who doesn’t really like online shopping, hates to go from site to site or which site to shop for specific items {raises hand}. Very fashion forward but also very retro. Below I listed some of my favorite designers from the site. Check out tell me what you find and what you think! That’s all the Tea for now.


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