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I have to admit Snapchat is officially my favorite social network. Perfect for random rants and venting about shows, work, or just life in general. A lot of my friends on Snapchat really get me through my workday. One thing that makes Snapchat so cool is the geofilters which certain ones you can only get if you’re in a specific area such as countries and cities. Sometimes the geofilters can change from day to day to keep things fun, I know I personally get excited to see what’s going to be up next. For the month of February they used a Black History Month geofilter. So naturally I went to my snap to post a pic with that filter but it wasn’t available to me. I didn’t think anything of it at the time I thought it just wasn’t in that days rotation.

It wasn’t until I was watching a friends snap and she brought it to my attention. One of my friends from college who lives in the DMV area said that the Black History Month geofilter is only available in some areas. For instance she would get it riding past Howard but not Georgetown. It was then I realized why I never get the Black History Month geofilter. I live in a suburb outside of Philadelphia in a non-predominant black area. You mean to tell me not only do the filters track geographical location but demographics as well. It’s not like Black History Month is something only black people know about, everyone knows about it. So why wouldn’t the filter be available to everyone?

One could argue that it was done just to prevent any type of disrespect towards black people or black history month especially with all the current media controversy surrounding Stacey Dash and Beyonce. Sort of lets play it safe and only put the filter where they absolutely know black people are. Or you could just chalk it up to blind racism. Like I said before Black History Month isn’t just a black thing. Although rarely taught in non-predominantly black schools, Black history is American history and that’s the bottom line. Let me see if I can make this plain, I don’t shop at Hollister or eat Skittles but I still had those geofilters available to me and the Black History Month filter should have been treated with the same respect.. Bottom line if your going to do something don’t half ass the job, do it right or not at all.



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