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Does the Formation Tour = New Album

Like the rest of the Beyhive I was hyped about my uncles wife’s (Beyonce) new song Formation and her Super Bowl performance despite all the criticism and backlash. As I kept telling all of my friends it was inevitable I knew Beyonce was doing another tour, which my life really couldn’t afford at the moment. Like I’m trying to be super responsible, saving every coin so I can move to LA in June. I’m like Beyonce simply can’t go on another tour like I might have to push my move date so I can see her before I move. These were serious thoughts going on in my head. Well when she dropped the Super Bowl commercial announcing the tour dates I was floored. I knew it I knew I knew it. Responsible or not I wasn’t passing up a chance to see Beyonce although I’ve already seen her previously you just don’t do that when it comes to Bey.

So of course the presale day came and it was madness let me tell you. So there I am at 9:55 watching the countdown until 10:00 for the release. I couldn’t get a damn thing at all. It was the craziest thing. Not even one ticket could I find. Meanwhile I’m texting #TeaWithTiffany best friend Jasmine to see if she had any luck, she didn’t so we gave up. Then I get at text around 1 o’clock saying check now tickets are cheap. So I go back on using my laptop, work computer and phone no luck whatsoever. At this point I feel it’s a conspiracy and I’m just not meant to go. Then #TeaWithTiffany calls me saying she got one and so did her friend Jasmine that I just needed to look for a single ticket, still no luck. Here’s the “won’t he do it” moment. Tiff tries to call me twice saying she found a ticket for me but my phone for whatever reason didn’t accept her call. She calls me a third time telling me she found another ticket RIGHT NEXT TO HER seriously what are the odds of that. So I whip out my card and give her my information. Our hearts were pounding so fast with excitement. I’m already trying to get my look together for what I’m going to wear. Extremely hype… I know.

Next day I’m still on a high from getting my ticket then I started to think. Did I really just buy a ticket for a concert and Beyonce only released a single? Like is she even going to drop a new album? Is this Formation tour about to be a greatest hits type ting. Then I’m like it’s Bey, she did change the game with the digital drop, but is this the next new thing, tour dates before a new album. I’m here for Bey all day but, if it turns out there isn’t a new album would you still go? I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

In the meantime lets just relive this moment:

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