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Made in Ukraine

So I have been on the hunt for a really authentic leather bag, honestly this was something I didn’t even know I wanted until I was reading up on some international fashion news. #MadeInUkraine or #MadeInUK has been a hashtag that I happened to stumble upon which I'm happy I did. Ukraine's fashion history has been going through major construction which has everyone in a {hoop-lah} over their goods. Their patriotism and homegrown pride seems to be saturating the market. Even down to underwhelming socks have labels that say #MadeInUkraine which, to me is pretty cool. The whole "Made in Ukraine" phrase has come to hold great symbolism hence that hashtag which I stated previously.Urkaine has over 150,000 results of manufactured goods. My question is where are they selling these "oh so patriotic" goods? Online and probably at your local mall, Yes! These Ukraine designers have snuck into our local stores ever so proudly and it has a vast presence online as well.

Stylist have reported that the Ukrainian products have been on the hush hush for whatever reason but now they want everyone's support. What the Ukrainians want from us as clients is to invest. They have been paying attention to pricing and quality control so I have decided to invest! Here are some of my top pics for cool leather back packs and distressed hardware accessories.

Konstantin Kofta

Want surreal backpacks? Designer Konstantin Kofta has transformed the classic backpack to the futuristic holistic self-care satchels. It's definitely an accessory only for the coolest kid in school or the art critique that admires a surrealist piece of art. He morphs knapsacks into sculptural creations like wood, spines, bumps and symmetrical triangles. While viewing these bags I instantly wanted to whip out the card and start charging it up. These backpacks are made to make you think and rub your chin as you walk behind the person wearing it. It reminds me of the costume designs from "The Hunger Games" If you do decide to order yourself a Kofta tote may the odds forever be in your favor because they seem to be a hit. shop



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