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#SoObsessedWed Recovery Road

As you all know I love good show. My latest show television obsession is Recovery Road on the new freeform formally known as ABC family. Recovery road is something different I feel like we haven’t seen on television before to my knowledge. It follows a high school girl that has a drinking problem who is in rehab. The show gets right to the point the first scene of the first episode has the main character Maddie passed out on her front lawn not knowing where she left her car. Scary right, like where are her friends how did she get there. Now we’ve all had a good laugh watching the Hangover trilogy and even may have had a couple nights of our own where don’t quite remember all the details but, drug and alcohol addiction is no laughing matter.

This show really captures how real addiction is with young people and how important it is to get to the root of the cause. Addiction doesn’t always stop just because someone is sober, sometimes and in most cases the addiction is just transferred to another entity. Something else consumes that person’s life and although it might not seem life threatening it still could be.

I think Recovery Road is really going to open some peoples eyes as to what their child could be going through and will start conversations with families around drug and alcohol abuse and self mutilation. Schools do their best to educate on drugs and alcohol but, parents must also be involved. If your child is asking about it then it’s ok to talk about it. I feel today people are so nervous to discuss touchy subjects with children afraid they may be exposing them too much at the wrong time but, as parents you want to be the one to educate them. Be sure to check out Recovery Road on Freeform Mondays at 9pm but you can catch the first three episodes OnDemand now.



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