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Twenty Fly In Dubai Pt Two

Day 3

Sunday was our day for complete obedience this was the day we would dress in garb. This day we would traditionally dip into our new culture of being Arabic/Muslim/Arabian/Islamic whatever you want to call it we where it! Head to toe only our faces would be seen and we would keep it on all day. We traveled to Abu Dhabi which is about 1 hour and 30mins to 2 hours away from Dubai. Abu Dhabi is the capital and is more traditional, it houses the famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is the most jaw dropping beautiful mosque that worshippers come daily to pray. Millions and millions of people dream to come to this one mosque in the Islamic faith in their lifetime as a Muslim and I have been blessed to say I visited. Jasmines Palace in Aladdin mimics this mosque so as soon as I got up close I couldn’t do anything but gaze at this beautiful temple. The day continued by going to different palaces in the area and visiting heritage village with lunch and a beautiful view of The Gulf. The most amazing buildings I have ever seen where on this trip. Dubai and Abu Dhabi is most famous because of their architectural designs and building format.

Day 4

This day was our most random but fun day. We planned on going to the beach and taking it from there but one place that my friends had been talking about was Atlantis so instead of us staying on the beach we decided to go there. This was another amazing place the I suggest everyone visit if traveling to Dubai there is something for everyone to do while in Atlantis we chose to do the water park which I have never been a fan of { Amusement/Water Parks etc.} but at this exact place I was able to feel like a kid again even though I was turning the big 2-5 me and my girlfriends where running around that park as if we were teenagers it was so much fun and I'm so happy that we went. Atlantis even has their own private beach so we were able to relax a little before heading back to the hotel to get dressed before my birthday dinner which was being held at The Palace Downtown at a the famous restaurant Thiptara which has an amazing view of the fountain show with dancing water. The fountain show came on every half an hour and the water danced to Arabian music which was another blissful moment on my trip. Absolutely breathtaking! And before you knew it the clock strikes 12 and it was officially my birthday! Happy 25th to Me

Day 5

Our last day in Dubai I found a great Souk for us to go to which was the Naif Souk which is a market place for the natives to buy fabrics, spices and jewelry. And anyone that knows me knows how much I love any type of flea market or vintage shop. We were there for majority of our day shopping and haggling I was able to purchase the most beautiful perfume bottle you could ever imagine and a dainty anklet and more. This was also the perfect time to purchase any souvenirs for my loved ones. We ended the day by driving by the biggest mall in the world which is the Dubai Mall we drove by on purpose because we knew better not to go in as it was our last day and we had a flight to catch at midnight. Four girls in the Dubai Mall on the last day is a remedy for a missed flight so we behaved. Around 9pm our car arrived to pick us up from the the hotel to the airport and at midnight our plane took off headed for USA.

Overall, 2015 was an amazing ride! This year I was able to travel the most I have ever traveled in one year. Atlanta, New York, Mexico and Dubai who would have known that I would be able to do these things coming out of 2014. I can only say that I'm truly blessed and humbled. I work extremely hard for what I want and I'm not saying it was easy, but it is possible with perseverance and determination. I constantly managed my finances and strategically planned out what I could and couldn’t do. This year was also the year that Hashtags and Highheels was born to the trendiest three women. And as a true reader and fan of our blog please bless us with your presence and comment and let us know how we did as first time bloggers for our first year. The two ladies that I work with our amazing women and we work so hard to bring you original and honest content on our site we want to say thank you for your support and I hope that you are around for the coming years to see our growth.

Happy Happy New Year and Thank You! Peace and Happiness

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