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#SoObsessedWeds Alessia Cara

You ever been to a party that your friends dragged you too because they assured you it was going to be fun? Meanwhile the whole time in your head your like why am I here should have kept my ass at home. I think we’ve all been there at some point including singer/songwriter on the rise Alessia Cara. Her hit song Here has all of us reminiscing on the one time we were so over it and just had to question what am I doing here. I first heard Alessia Cara on Soundcloud then later heard more of her music on Pandora and I was hooked. I instantly had to get her album, just about every song I could relate too in some way or just love to sing. Usually when I’m obsessed with something especially music I love to share it with people because it makes me happy. Well I got #TeaWithTiffany officially obsessed as well. I love an album I can just keep on repeat and never have to skip a song. I instantly looked to see if she was touring, I remember being in Dubai looking for her tour dates. Alessia Cara is definitely captivating audiences of all ages. The 19 year old shared on Twitter and Instagram that she will be performing at this years Coachella music festival something #TeaWithTiffany and I have been dying to go to for like the past 4 years. Coachella will just have to wait but, I am excited to see her here in Philly at the end of the month. If you haven’t please go check out Alessia Cara debut album Know It All I’m sure it’ll be your new obsession.

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