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Sunday Dreaming

With a new year comes another opportunity to define yourself. You can choose to live out your old ways and habits or you can adopt new ones. Usually one sets new behaviors in order to improve on an opportunity in a certain area in life. For myself that area can be very obvious and in some ways can also remain a mystery.

We all know that we are all experts on giving advice but not very fond of following our own. I myself have been a prime example of that. I like to think my advice on everything from fashion related topics to restaurant suggestions with the best cocktail menu can be my area of expertise. But it seems as if my advice in the "love" department has been questioned by those a bit more experienced than I.

In recent encounters and events it shows that what I've been use to has not only been holding me back but hurting me as well. My typical idea of dating has taken a back seat as I met a certain someone that's been able to twist my arm and see things in a brighter light... Daylight that is. Everyone knows Samantha in the city's idea of a fabulous date is when the sun comes down, the heels come out and the cocktails are endless... And it's safe to say that everything in my last sentence leads to many problems.

Etta James once sang a song about "A Sunday Kind of Love". She goes on and describes a love she wants to last way past Saturday night. As I currently hear the words to one of my favorite songs I can very well understand and relate. In what seems as such a short year relocating back to the city that never sleeps I can say that I've been able to live out and successfully experience the kind of social life I've always wanted. With that my priorities have definitely made a turn around. I've been able to meet friends that I enjoy talking to and experiencing new places with. Social gatherings were all about the company I kept and not about meeting new people or "Men" along the way. But mysteriously so, good things happen when you least expect them to.

My current "good" situation turned about in a location I've grown accustom to attending weekly. One random Friday night between a few cosmos and Latin music in the air I grew the courage to randomly inscribe my ten digits on a bar napkin. As my special delivery reached its recipient, I remember continuing my evening as normal but leaving a bit more smitten realizing what I had done. I felt as if I could give myself a high five and a few points for my smoothness.

For what seemed like forever I eventually had a planned encounter with "he who must not be named" outside of my typical Friday night hotspot. As I chose not to be involved with the planning and executing of this particular night, I was shocked to witness everything I preferred being checked off my little list.... 1) Dim lighting (candle light that is) 2) Good wine 3) Italian food and my favorite being 4) Rooftops. Even though this all seemed very intriguing, it seemed to be the start to many disappointments in the past. Usually all that can be taken away from these nights are a nice buzz and a new restaurant to recommend... But that didn't seem to be the case.

Etta James also goes on describing her Sunday kind of love... "To keep me warm when Mondays and Tuesdays grow cold". Thanks to my Little Collins coffee dates I've been able to keep my days a little warmer as well. And as you can imagine their is always a little drama and twist to my stories. I can successful say I accomplished one thing I wanted in the new year which was letting go. Let's just see how far.... Until next time.


Samantha in the City

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