• Samantha

Wedding bells are ringing...

Who knew this day would ever come and I couldn't imagine it happening any sooner. Every girl imagines the day she gets to throw on a white dress and glide down the isle with all eyes on her. And as I watch the moment happen amongst the wedding party at the alter I'm sure it will be one of the greatest moments I get the honor of witnessing.... Maid of Honor I should say.

Wait you didn't think it was me taking the plunge now did you? Not quite. But the amazing bride to be would be my older sister, and she has given me the amazing honor of being by her side in the planning and executing of her very special day. Tears of joy appeared as I opened a sweet note made to me asking if I would do the honors. It happened after my day trip to the City of Philadelphia. I specifically arrived at my old stomping grounds to attend a bridal expo with the bride to be and my best friend at the city's Convention center. The day definitely was filled with fun and many have been a bit overwhelming as well.

As I arrived a little behind on schedule I met the bride and my friend at the convention center. Walking in I thought I would see only a few people attending but I was wrong. As I got my ticket out I looked up to view a very long line of brides-to-be that could circle around the block. Being exhausted from my two-hour trip from New York a line was not something I was going to wait on. So I gracefully wandered in looking around as I threw on a clueless look. I safely snuck in as I searched for the rest of my party. Hundreds of vendors surrounded the convention center followed by hundreds of more brides surrounding each table. Everything from photographers to caterers to Djs were all available for a pretty penny of course.

As the news of my Maid of Honor duties became reality my mind already began to race. I was ready to start planning and preparing for the most important day in my sisters’ life. So stay tuned because the crazy is about to begin....

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