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Twenty Fly In Dubai

This year and just like last year I was a nervous wreck planning the most highlighted time of my 25 years on earth {In other words my birthday} Yes I have turned 25 and I have no shame in saying it, I feel fabulous and I feel even more blessed since getting back from my birthday trip to Dubai. It's been two weeks since I've been back on American soil and I miss Dubai already.

Why Dubai? This has been the top question since planning this trip in early March 2015 when it was just an idea. #WhatTheElle's bestie @goldenallure {Instagram} had went prior to me confirming that this would be my birthday celebration of choice. But lets rewind back when it really peaked my interest. Disney's Aladdin, I feel like this movie was the peak of everyone's imagination and that anything is possible through rubbing that genie lamp! From the sand dunes with Jafar, the fictional city of "Agrabah" , their souk {marketplace} and even down to the palace that housed Jasmine and her beautiful caged birds I was hooked and I wanted no parts in the norm of a grassy field, supermarket ,house or traditional pet dog, I wanted everything jasmine had! It started when my mother and I got our first pet aside of my brother having his fish and dog. I wanted birds and that’s what I got, not one but two parakeets. My mother and I loved those birds and I plan on getting more when I move. But I couldn’t stop there which is why my love for jewelry, sparkle and iridescent things makes my heart beat fast and slow simultaneously. I felt like I could experience more besides what I viewed in Aladdin. Then there was "Sex and the City 2" when the girls travel to Abu Dhabi and here is when I got real glimpse of what it would actually be like in the United Arab Emirates which is the country that holds Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as other beautiful cities.

Immediately after I watched Sex and The City the research begun as I wanted to know where the movie was filmed,the set designer for different scenes wondering what was staged and what was real. I soon found out that the movie was actually filmed in Morocco which is a country in Africa. Even though I was amazed by the Moroccan culture and being as #WhatTheElle is Moroccan it only would make since to go there because she would be joining me. But that still didn’t convince me that Dubai wasn’t the place to be for my birthday. I felt a special calling to still travel there and experience what I had been researching for months now. Now that you are up to speed with the history of my choosing for Dubai, back to what confirmed it, someone close enough to me went {@goldenallure} where I would be able to ask and view pictures. Overall she had a really great time and it was too close in my grasp to not take it. So I rounded up the girls ,tickets where bought and we hopped on the plane and Dubai was the destination!

The flight

A total of 16-17.5 hour flight to get to Dubai of course if you want a cheaper rate you will have lay overs in amazing places like Germany. But we didn’t step foot outside of the airport even though it was a 6 hour layover which felt like 2 hours due to the excitement and the sleeping that we did on benches. We ended up arriving in Dubai 10pm that night which cause us to lose a day. But in total we were there for five days which in beginning seemed too short but it was just enough and I probably could have stayed longer if you ask me.

Day 1

First day in Dubai which was December 11th and we already had reservations to attend Candy Pants {XL Dubai} which is a popular brunch party outlet for you to go and have a good time. Immediately after brunch was the turn-up and if you know me you know that I love me a good day party. Here at Candy Pants is where we got our first taste of Arabian\American food and also our first glimpse of how much those that were also visiting dressed and partied, needless to say everyone was dressed to nines, blazers, pumps, rompers and makeup to die for as if they took hours to prepare themselves. I was exactly where I wanted to be for the first day.

They sung happy birthday to me and gave us inflatable toys and glasses to take pictures with this place was so much fun and I definitely recommend it for a birthday. Just a little info on my outfit of that day it’s an olive dress from which I feel in love with and new it was modest enough for Dubai but still fun and fashionable for brunch. Had I known what the dress code was for Candy Pants everything would have been a tad tighter if you ask me. Later on that night we had the luxury of going to this pretty cool night club called Mahiki which was themed like a tiki bar and boy was the drinks flowing! We danced to American music of course and soon to find out that I would be pulled away from the dance floor to receive a surf board full of shots being held by shirtless men with lit totem poles. The tears flowed as well as the shots and before you knew it our first day in Dubai was over.

Day 2

A relaxing morning on the rooftop pool. I honestly never thought a pool could be sexy until I was submerged by the warmth of our hotels infinity heated pool. So beautiful to just chill out and plan the day with the Burj Al Arab {Famous sailboat hotel in Dubai} in background of every picture. Little did I know this would be the start of a beautiful day, today was the day we went to the Dubai desert which is also named the Dubai Desert Safari. We were picked up at our hotel around 3pm and our journey started! We had to stop at one other hotel to pick up a cute old couple that was vacationing as well. The journey to the desert was quite long about 45mins to an hour and we also had to stop so our driver could pray and for anyone who had to use the lavi {restroom} could. So the safari began with our driver putting air in our tires or releasing air out of the tire to drive on the sand, either way it was pretty weird because we never got a chance to ask why exactly he did it. Before you knew it we were off into the desert driving over and in the sand dunes. If you get car sick or motion sick then this part of the safari isn’t for you. The driver had to whip us around just to drive through the dunes it was pretty funny but after a while got nerve wrecking. Two of my girlfriends got really sick but it was all worth it when we finally got to our destination with the most amazing sunset and prettiest sand I've ever felt. Red sand and pure bliss is what this part of the trip was about I was convinced I was going to find my genie lamp or even a broken piece of the lamp like Aladdin did at some point while walking through the sand. We hopped back in the car and then we were taken to camp on camels! Yes Camels! Where we then were greeted by dinner lighted by lanterns and cushioned seats. Henna,Hookah and dancing were the chosen entertainment for tonight. The show was mesmerizing! words can't explain how blessed I felt for my birthday and this was only day 2.

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