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New Years Resolutions Are So Last Year

Well it’s that time of year again, the time in between Christmas and New Year where everyone is coming up with new years resolution. Common status updates will read “New year new me” “New year same me” or “Don’t yall start with that new year new me bullshit”. Personally my new years resolution is always the same, which is to grow as an individual. I guess that's not too much of a resolution but more of how to handle life on a daily basis. In general I think resolutions are silly because no one ever keeps up with them and honestly if you want to make a change do it today.

Instead of a resolution this year I’m making a vision board. A board with all my goals that I plan to accomplish in 2016. I’ve been talking about this vision board since like November #TeaWithTiffany can attest to how excited I’ve been to make my vision board for 2016. So excited that I’m even trying to find a vision board party to attend. The idea of a vision board is so amazing to me because it’s a way to always keep you focused on what’s important. It can be so easy to get off track when life throws your curveballs but,it’s even more important to refocus. Anything you want to accomplish this year put it on your vision board and be sure to place it somewhere you’ll be able to see it everyday as a reminder. I cannot wait to share mine and be sure to share yours too hashtag #HAHHvisonbaord on Instagram to be featured on our blog.



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