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Not Coming To A Theater Near You

I’m sure you all remember last month when I featured the trailer for the latest Spike Lee Joint Chi-Raq and by now you have at least seen the trailer on television. Well always trying to stay on top of the latest film that spark my interest I was uber excited for the release of Chi-Raq in theaters today. So on my lunch break I go to check movie times thinking I can catch a quick show after work, only to find out it’s not playing in any theaters within a 10 mile radius of where I live. Now I live less than five minutes from two different theaters that generally play everything and neither one of those theaters is playing it. So I’m like okay let me check the even bigger theater in King of Prussia and if your from the Philadelphia area you know they run just about everything, even they aren’t showing the movie. #WhatTheELLE more like WTF are you kidding me, the closest theater running the film is 12 miles away not that that’s far but I’m just saying you mean to tell me that 3 theaters within an 8 mile radius are all not running the film. Do they understand this is Spike Lee Joint not and independent film from and up and coming director (no shade I always support new artists) but an established director that’s been making films for over 20 years. Not to mention I don’t remember the trailer saying select theaters so I’m wondering why isn’t a movie with an amazing cast and director not being played in more theaters. Now dedicated fans will travel wherever for a good movie but, not everyone is about to do that which prevents the film from making the money it could have made had it been played in more theaters. As you can tell this really upset me being as I’m so passionate about television and film. Black actors already get paid significantly less than their white counterparts the least the theaters can do is give everyone a fair chance and run more films in popular locations.



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