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Moschino Barbie!

So I'm assuming you all remember when Moschino debuted there Barbie inspired show for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection last year sometime, but the clothing didn’t really hit the streets or made available until this year. I remember vividly walking into Joan Shepp their new location on Chestnut St {they were located on Walnut Street before} and viewing the collection myself in person. I immediately went to look # 2 with the step and repeat Moschino written on the top and skirt. I fell in love with this collection not only because it was fun and flirty and Oh So Girly, but because it was a personal favorite for me. Growing up my mother and grandmother insisted on buying me Barbie's that I couldn’t open which were considered collector dolls. Barbie has made me into the person I'm today which is a fashion lover and fanatic of everything and anything girly. So when I got wind of this line I had to go take a peek. Then just recently the fashion house made the actual Moschino Barbie available for everyone, the Barbie was first shown at the actual show as fashion show favors and then they got the brave idea to sell them.

The Barbie's sold within a day on November 9th and resurfaced on the net on website such as {EBay and Amazon} of people reselling them for twice its actual value. Then to top it off this Barbie talk Moschino's YouTube Channel released a "faux-mercial" for the Barbie's starring a Mo hawked young boy seemingly excited about the Barbie doll. Well of course this idea of a boy with a doll broke the internet with surprisingly great reviews; Mattel {the toy company that makes Barbie} has had nothing but great remarks on Moschino's behalf regarding the "faux-mercial" Many people where all about the diversity and breaking the gender norms, for example: just recently Target took their genders off of their toys which I think is pretty cool because it eliminates the gender distinction.

If a girl wants to play with an action figure she shouldn’t have to see boys age 5+ on the front of it. But of course with the good comes the bad with other remarks such as Mattel getting their hand spanked for "marketing Barbie's to young boys" In a statement sent to BBC News by Mattel, the company clarified that this was a "faux-mercial"

This video parodies iconic Barbie commercials from the 1980's starring a young {Moschino creative director} Jeremy Scott look alike. The video celebrates how boys and girls alike play with Barbie - it's all about self-expression, fashion, imagination and storytelling," the statement said.

Jeremy Scott released a statement as well stating that Barbie was more of a muse to him than anything else and felt most inspired by Barbie while growing up. Sit down with your tea and watch the video clip below of the "faux-mercial" for Moschino Barbie.



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