• Danielle

Don't Waste Your YOLO Years

Lately it seems like if I’m scrolling through my Facebook timeline I’m bound to see that someone I know is engaged. Have I finally reached the age where everyone is getting married and starting families? I have 3 people that I’ve known through different walks of like all recently get engaged within this past month. Like guys are just making it rain with engagement rings and I can’t even find someone to take me out for onion rings. Am I not with the program, am I somehow behind the times because I’m not even in a relationship (and to be honest could care less about being in one) let alone would even be ready to be someone’s wife?

I always considered my 20’s my most selfish years my “yolo” years. Time to fuck up get my career together, time to travel, move to a different location basically anything I want to do because it’s just me. I had a manager who I considered a mentor and is one of my friends now. I always looked up to her because her life was so cool to me, she was 25, no children and she was always traveling. I always told myself I want to be just like that. At the age of 25 now I can say I’m doing those things and I love it. Family and marriage is the furtherst thing from my mind and I think I'm right in that right.

I feel that in our 20’s is when we really find ourselves. They say you find yourself in college but really your still living by a set of rules it’s not until you’re out of school outside of structured environment and have to adult on a regular basis that I feel we find ourselves. So at the tender age of 25 should we be getting married or even be in committed relationships? Do we even know what we want? I can honestly say the things I liked when I was 22 is not what I like now and they may change again by the time I’m 29. I just feel by the time we’re 30 is when the sense needs to kick in. We can’t still be doing the dumb things and making the same mistakes we did in our 20’s.

I think it’s important to be single in our 20’s (of course coming from the girl that’s single) but this isn’t a Bitter Betty rant. Dating is very essential but to date multiple people and ladies that does not make you a hoe. My mom always told me don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Think about it like this say your engaged, married or just in a committed relationship throughout your 20’s and by the time your in your 30’s your divorced or broken up. Well damn you just wasted your yolo years and now have to redo them in your 30’s. I once worked with a woman who was only 28 and she had already been married and divorced seriously #WhatTheELLE like whose doing that. Now I get divorce happens because people either rush into things or honestly grow apart because they never knew themselves to begin with. Now don't get me wrong marriage is a beautiful thing if it's with the right person at the right time just don't make a rash decision like marriage because of pressure from your peers. Everything happens in it's own time. If I have learned anything from Sex And The City it’s that I have at least 10 more years of dating until I find my Steve, Harry or Big so until then i'll wear my highest heels, sip my cocktails and enjoy my yolo years to the fullest.



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