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Painting For A Cure

As you all know, since my last post I had been talking a lot about the month of October and how difficult it was to overcome. With it being breast cancer awareness month which impacts my family heavily, from my great-grandmother down to my auntie's, one who is a survivor for 8+ years and one who just recently got diagnosed and finished her treatments up last week. So lately another family member whom I am very close to has been battling with her cancer and treatments for some time now, she has had peaks and valleys in her journey and from an outsider looking in she really is such a strong influential person. This woman has been graciously in my life for almost 10+ and I have never seen her cancer get the best of her, her spirit or her personality as chemo and radiation being such a heavy toxic treatments, they take a toll on your body, your mind ,spirit and your beauty {hair loss ,skin pigmentation, teeth, etc.} The beloved "Mother Teresa" that’s what I call her because she literally the sweetest, most tender woman you can ever meet. She’s been battling her cancer for some years now and I have been following her story being as her daughter and I are like sisters.

Mother Teresa has been going all over the map to test out different types of remedies to treat her cancer and help her cells and immune system. It take a special person to have the bravery and faith to keep pressing on to find the correct cure for this matter and her daughter Candice has been there every step of the way. Some children/supporters/family seem to run from things as big as the "C" because some just can't handle the pressure head on {raises hand} while my mom went through her treatments and such for her lung cancer, even though I was much younger than Candice going through it I had the tendency of supporting from the back seat and only opening my eyes when needed because of how scared and overwhelmed I was for my mother's life and well-being. Well not Candice! She has started a #GoFundMe page for her mother raising almost $2,000 to help support the research and medical fees for her mother. She has events, bake sales and even dance gatherings for her mother to bring awareness and take everyone's mind off the issues that come with the big "C" She chooses to celebrate the life, strength and longevity of her mother.

Over the weekend Teresa had a paint and sip party to raise money, and can I tell you it was a hit! One being it was housed in a book store,{Mejahs Book Store of Delaware }and if you know me you would know that I absolutely love reading, then to top it all off it was an Afrocentric type book store not just any Barnes and Nobles it had many best-selling African American authors and merchandise to buy from black soap, jewelry and empowering t-shirts. Of course I had to dibble and dabble and purchase a few things while there. If felt so good coming together with family and friends for something that has an impact on so many people. We painted and sipped and painted and sipped, the name of our paintings are called "Spring into Pink" honoring women with and those who survived breast cancer. It was a fabulous event and I'm so happy I was able to not only join the fun but, support those who I love. If you want to help Teresa fight like a girl visit to donate. Candice continue to be the rock for your mother because your courage and strength is so admirable you are a black mother, wife, daughter, friend and sister that rocks! We love your ambition and delicate drive to fight for your mother's health



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