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Meet Hanna Beth

Yes! Hanna Beth is your new DVF Brand Ambassador for 2016. Hanna Beth Merjos 27, being first drawn to fashion as an escape from reality. She started off her fashion career as a fashion blogger, model and designer. With her big heart, free spirit and being known for her meek shy approach, the Los Angeles native was crowned the brand ambassador last Sunday on the season finale of "House of DVF" I was completely shocked at this announcement as I felt as if Hanna Beth was the most deserving of the position. Now when these types of shows air and its a competition, many people get chosen as the one that cause the most drama, the loud one or the one that is most assertive regardless who's shoes he or she steps on. Hanna Beth by far was so deserving and easy to like, work with and was well played out. She didn’t have to step on anyone's head to reach her win that six other girls also wanted. She won by simply being vulnerable and broken in the beginning of the competition being as she just was faced with a public break-up. We will not speak of his name because it's not about him, this here celebration is all for Ms. Hanna Beth. Throughout the season we watched her battle with her shy approaches and her Goth appearance as week by week she was able to get pass the radar of Diane and her fashion expert judges. Critique after critique Diane herself even proceeded to say she wasn’t expecting Hanna Beth to get this far in the competition, her problems selling, she wasn’t branded enough and she wasn’t your typical DVF girl. Hanna Beth was liked by me because she favored myself in so many ways, her style wasn’t like everyone else's and in order for her to be the winner she didn’t have to be a bitch about is either. She came on the show with flaws and heartbreak and left victorious and flawless. Congratulations Hanna Beth you deserved this Win!! Visit Hanna's blog at



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