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Age Defined By The Number Part II

Sorry to leave you in such suspense but I'll try to make it worth your wait. Others won't be happy but most will find this continuance as amusing or helpful. My delay was due to my concise deciding maybe I shouldn't allow this certain someone to be exposed. But by the looks of it, it seemed as if the devil on my shoulder defeated the angel in this scenario yet again. Let's carry on shall we...

As this short Carrie Bradshaw like encounter continued I can admit that I was intrigued. After a few days of continuous texts I allowed myself to believe that this guy could actually be normal. Here's the girlfriend coffee date chat checklist for mystery guy: 1) Good looking (because physical appearance is very important) 2) consistent (texts, wanting to hang out) 3) profession= Fire fighter (just shoot me now). Ok so I'm sure this guy's head is bigger than it has ever been before. Unfortunately these qualities didn't do a thing for his hidden flaws. Let's move on...

So as the the first week continued mystery guy and I had planned another outing one Friday night; our 1 week anniversary from when we first met. I was working when I looked at my phone and received a lot of messages and notifications. Finally taking a break to look at my phone I noticed it was the man of the moment texting me about plans for the evening. Not only did I see a lot of messages but a few calls and a voicemail as well. Hmmm someone was very eager. Being as his sense of humor was his best quality his messages definitely were entertaining as I replayed his voicemail and literally "lol"ed. I took a moment to call him back as he explained the plan to me. Looks like he wanted another fun night in the city and this time, he needed me to bring a +1. This date turned into a double as he told me I needed to bring a very good looking female for his friend he decided to bring with him. Lucky for him me being a social butterfly I found a perfect match in no time that was sure to earn me some bonus points.

This was going to be another long night. Being as though I had to work another late shift I needed to find a way to fuel up for the evening ahead. We continued to message each other about where to go and what time we would be meeting. Tired but willing I went through with the plans. Before I knew it I was clocking out and figuring out an outfit for the evening. I quickly threw on a short black and blue number, black pumps and decided this was as good as it was gonna get. Time management has never been a good quality of mine. As I tried my best to look alive and run back out the door I noticed that the clock read almost 1am! Thank god we were in the city that never sleeps. As me and my friend decided to meet at the location Mr. Mystery Guy did not seem too happy with my lateness. Doesn't he know that being fashionably late was my thing? (in this case I was couture level late). After another thirty minutes of commuting getting lost and finally joining my girlfriend, we arrived at a place that was definitely not what I expected.

I could feel my eyes rolling at the scene. We stood in front of what looked like a restaurant. I could hear the salsa music from the outside and decided not to judge this book by its cover. As our heels walked through the door we were stopped by a bouncer who immediately informed us of the cover charge we had to pay. Umm excuse me??? Not only did this place look completely empty but it in no way seemed like a place fit to charge an entry fee. Already frustrated I payed and stormed in wanting to head straight to the bar. Completely forgetting that I had someone waiting my arrival, I went to look for him.

The dance floor had a few people showing off their skills to the Spanish music blasting from the speakers. Then sitting to the sidelines I spotted my "Prince Charming". Slowly sipping his drink and bobbing his head to the music I walked up to him announcing my arrival. He welcomed my arrival with a tasteful kiss on the cheek and embraced me in his muscular arms. As he greeted me I introduced my friend. As he stood by himself we figured his friend was away on the dance floor and we would meet him shortly. My need for alcohol was on another level. At this point it was close to 2am, i just finished working an eight hour shift and I was still sober and that needed to change.

Apparently mystery guy was turned off by my bickering. As his mood seemed to change very quickly. Before it did, me and my friend were patiently waiting for him to lead us to the bar. We all stood their in an awkward stance not knowing what was happening. I decided to take matters into my own hands as I grabbed her and led her to the bar myself. I sat and waited for him to come over but there he stood, in the same spot by the dance floor. Ladies can agree we all know the rules for common courtesy. Usually the guy is the one to buy the ladies drinks, especially for one that joined them under exhausting circumstances. My frustration continued as I ordered drinks for the two of us. I figured this was nothing a Cosmo couldn't solve. As I took my first sip I quickly retracted from my last statement as my face turned upside down. I have seemed to order the worst tasting Cosmo I ever had in my 4 years as a faithful Cosmo drinker. That was the breaking point for me. And just as I decided to get the bartenders attention I felt an arm wrap around me.

I turned around and noticed it was the culprit for the evening. I was afraid of what might come out of my mouth. I looked at my girlfriend almost embarrassed. Bachata music came on just as I decided I wanted to hang myself and I relaxed for a little bit. As he tried to pull me to the dance floor his friend finally decided to join us at the bar. And it wasn't a friend that I was newly introduced to either. His plus one seemed to be the same friend he was with when we first met a week ago. And their was only one problem with that.... this friend didn't serve that much as being double "blind date" worthy. At least he was a good dancer. I'll keep it at that. Lucky for him me and my girlfriend weren't quick to judge. As the evening and my frustrations continued I went back to observing my own situation. As we continued to laugh and flirt despite his behaviors I tried to enjoy myself. With our friends by the bar I can hear my girlfriend buying her own drink yet again. We shot each other another annoyed look and went on realizing that we weren't dealing with the most fabulous people here. Still not judging though.

Before I knew it I was being dragged to the dance floor as some of my favorite songs filled the room. My skills on the dance floor were determined by my alcohol intake, and I was sure I didn't have enough. We continued to dance as I looked around and noticed that we were the only ones on the dance floor. I decided to go with it and show off my skills since all eyes were on us. And right as I took my first spin, Mr. Guy opened his mouth and made a statement that quickly lead us to our first argument. "Seems like your friend doesn't really like mine too much". Are you kidding me. By my observations alone I could give him ten reasons why. I decided to be nice as I stated the obvious. I reminded him about the proper way you should treat a lady especially when she is way out of your league; and allowing her to buy her own drink was definitely not on that list. While dancing we continued to bicker with each other until the music switched up and so did our tolerance for each other. We both walked away from the dance floor and as I walked back to the bar I noticed he disappeared at the scene.

Who was the older one here? Me and my girlfriend laughed it off at the bar as I downed my left over Cosmo and asked permission to down hers as well. We then decided to take a bathroom break and walked away to freshen up. Five minutes later we walked back out and noticed the dance floor seemed to pick up, must be since the man of the hour decided to make another appearance, and with another partner by his side. Everyone who knows me understands my possessiveness over everything. As I walked passed him dancing I shot him a threatening look to make him aware that he's been caught. And he could have picked a better looking dance partner at that. It took everything in me not to.... God who knows the violent things that went through my mind. I played it cool being as though we were in a Spanish club and this was common. Me and my girl headed back to the bar both ready to call it a night or take the party elsewhere. We got on our phones and plotted our exit only to be caught and stopped by Mr. Fuego. As he put his arm around me I dramatically pulled away and started to express my frustration for the whole evening. I confessed to "HATING" everything that had to do with the evening and wanting to leave. Usually the man would do what he can to make me feel more comfortable, oh but not this guy. Not being a fan of my mood he decided to challenge and argue back with me, big mistake. Not liking my responses he yet again dramatically walked away in frustration. Was it me or did this guy have a fuse way shorter than mine.

Maybe double dates were not our thing I thought to myself as his friend tried to explain El Fuegos sensitive nature. As I rolled my eyes at him I wanted to exit the premises immediately. Giving up the search I started to get myself together as he reappeared out of nowhere. We all left at the same time as nothing happened. The night continued and included everything from bachata in the middle of Manhattan, food in west village, and more tabs that i had to pick up. As it hit close to 4am I had to get into a cab and head home as he and his friend drove back home to the planet that they came from.

As my alarm went off way too early I went about my next day trying to gather the events that occurred only a few hours ago. I tried to understand his behaviors and come up with excuses for them. First, him not picking up the tabs. Now don't get me wrong, I never mind paying for my own drinks, but I assumed the "elderly" gentlemen thing to do to impress a lady would make that the wrong thing to allow. I figured maybe he was different, maybe he felt as if he needed to show me a lesson. Maybe he thought that he didn't need to impress me, that his credentials spoke for itself. Or maybe he could be broke?? I would prefer that option rather than him lacking proper etiquette. Second, his temper. Ok I'm all for a little drama to stir up an evening, but never did I have a guy put on a better show than I could. Could it have been my behavior that led him to those actions. Hmmmm.... negative. This man must be used to getting his way. This time I definitely assumed that our short love story would be coming to an end. And that's exactly what happened the next day.

Surprised to see a message from him yet again we continued to have random conversation. Shortly he let me know that he might make his return back to NYC. But he used the term "might" very loosely. Mr. Fuego unfortunately did not have a residence close to the city. Without me giving too much away, a trip in his territory would need a few hours of planning and executing in total. He made it known that he wanted me to visit his territory if he couldn't make it down to the city. I contemplated in my mind if my work schedule could spare the time. I messaged him back and let him know that that could possibly work. Of course with the right timing. It was another Sunday and I was leaving work soon around 7pm. As I continued to check my phone I swore I would receive further direction for his plan by then. Assuming he had a change of plans or he would later meet me in the city, I proceeded home. After a long day I went straight home to a nice hot shower and relaxed almost forgetting plans were made. While cozied up in a blanket with the tv tuned into my favorite show is when I received a text from him.

It was nearly 9pm when he decided to inform me that city was not in his sights for the evening. I looked at my phone deciding what I should message him back. Did he still believe I would make my way to him? Or did he understand that it was way too late to make me travel to unknown territory. I decided to send him my sadness along with a sad face emoji that I wouldn't be seeing him that evening. Then out of the blue I received some very random responses. Some that led my jaw to drop immediately. I re-read them over and over hoping I was dreaming. His short fuse showed no mercy as he went off on me to my declining his invitation. He quickly jumped to conclusions that someone almost 2 weeks in couldn't even assume about anyone. In his words I read that I was not only "selfish" but full of you know what as well. I chuckled to myself. This guy had to be joking. Since he had such a great sense of humor I immediately thought this was a joke. As I made an effort to call him to resolve my confusion I was shockingly sent to voicemail. Immediately after, I received another message explaining why I would not hear from him again.... The end.

Ouch. What a tragic love story. Hopefully it was entertaining for you as it was for me. Screen shots of our tragic breakup definitely gave my friends something to laugh about. Now I'm not going to lie, I was curious to get to know more about his mysterious behavior. Why did he send me away so quickly? Was something in his past haunting him to react in this manner? It's unfortunate but maybe all for the best.

Since releasing my last expose, seems as mystery guy wasn't finished what he started. Seems this story has another chapter as he makes his return. Maybe more dirt to reveal in the next coming weeks. Stay tuned...


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