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Birthday Bliss

Through my 24 years here on this earth I was definitely prepared for a birthday such as this. With each year I was blessed to do more and more of what I always wanted and only in the most fabulous way possible. This birthday had to be one for the books. Most would know that this birthday makes my official one year anniversary moving back to NYC. With a city that serves the most as my playground I was ecstatic. Celebrating with only a few of my close friends my weekend included everything from its wild nights to classically fab ones. Here's to night one....

Friday night has always been my favorite and we left this one to let out the wild before the more boojie nights occurred. I decided to bring my two very best friends to my favorite Spanish spot in midtown, Iguana Cafe. My two girls have yet to experience the NYC nightlife scene and I was excited to show them the life I've been living. As most of my readers know I have a guilty pleasure for claiming my Spanish side after a few cosmos on a Friday night. Like most nights I dived right onto the dance floor as my friends joined me. Later on in the night I was accompanied by a few other friends as well. One in which you all might remember making an appearance during my visit at the Carnegie Club a few posts ago. As the drinks continued to appear my dancing became even better and before I knew it, me and my unknown dance partner had all eyes on us. Night number one accomplished!

Time for sexy Saturday. And this day brought my third fabulous bestie #TeawithTiffanys own, to arrive from Philadelphia to join the occasion. Thanks to the night before, I was off to a late start for my preparations to the fabulous evening ahead. Shortly after her arrival the primping had to be underway. Since my inspired "vamp look" had to be as fab and dramatic as my evening ahead I headed right over to the professionals at MAC to make my look come to life. Still making good time I was off the makeup chair right on schedule. Back at my residence myself and the gals were all focused on getting our looks perfected. Feel good music was blasting and the red wine was there to get us the boojie buzz we needed to be underway. Fashionably late of course we got into a cab as we headed over the bridge into Manhattans trendiest Meatpacking District.

Since my birthday had to be nothing short of trendy and fabulous, STK Downtown was my number one pick for dinner Saturday evening. This restaurant had 2 locations but the one in Meatpacking served more as my style. During my research I noticed everything from the menu to the dress code had my name written all over it. As the party in the cab came to an end, the doors opened as our heels hit the city streets towards the restaurant. I can hear the music from the outside as we got closer and opened the doors to take our first look inside.

It was everything I expected and more. The loud music was good enough to make us dance right when we entered. Guys and girls were all dressed to the nines with a cocktail in their hands as they all seemed to be having the time of their life laughing, dancing or enjoying the atmosphere. I can feel as if Carrie Bradshaw herself was by the bar with her Cosmo in hand accompanied by Miss Sam Jones. The dim lighting gave this place just enough of lounge/club atmosphere I would have wanted. As we waited for our table my night became even more special as my fabulous girlfriend from NYC joined the festivities looking chic as ever. With her arrival we headed to the bar as a round of cosmos were needed while we waited. We had our own mini party as the Dj played the best music and the pictures were being snapped as if the paparazzi had been keyed to our location.

The hostess confirmed that our table was ready just as I took the last sip of my delicious Cosmo. We sat at a round table by the floor to ceiling window where we were able to view the trendy city street. Our waitress greeted us and handed us the menu as I of course reached my hand out for the cocktail list. As we all ordered more drinks to continue the party me and my NYC gal pal ordered the "Strawberry cobbler" which gave me the closest taste to a Cosmo rimmed with a graham cracker crust that tasted as if I skipped right to desert. Along with the atmosphere the menu served the same decadence. Our table seemed like the life of the party as the drinks continued to pour and the pics and videos continued to be snapped. Looking around the table and again at my atmosphere I felt overwhelmed with happiness. Just as I was getting ready to snap the next video all eyes turned to me as the waitress brought over the candles and dessert and as it was time to decide this year's birthday wish. What more could I have needed in life? But as I opened my eyes to see the candle blown out I was sure this wish will be the next to come true.

As dinner commenced the real party had to be underway; those cocktails had to be put to worth. Me and my ladies jumped into another cab as we headed deeper into the city to Haus nightclub. This night ended as any birthday should. Dancing the night away, endless cocktails and V. I .P status. We surely partied our fabulous heels off as the night commenced at what felt like the crack of dawn.

I was truly satisfied with night #2 but we all know 3rd times a charm. Sunday brunches In NYC are only fit for the fab elite. Since this next night had an overload of fabulous I'll have to dedicate it to its very own story. So stay tuned as I let you into my fabulous end of my birthday weekend.


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