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Bad Genes a Deal Breaker?

The Real by far is one of my favorite daytime talk shows mainly because they really do keep it real and hold nothing back. My favorite segment is always girl chat where they basically chat about current events. The other day co host Adrienne Bailon asked the girls if you were dating a guy who handsome, sexy, his physical appearance just makes you melt basically everything thing you want in a man and he happens to have children that aren’t the most attractive. How is it possible this man hand crafted by God can produce children that don’t look anything like you expected I have to ask is bad genes a deal breaker? Honestly I was so happy Adrienne said this because people get on me all the time about talking about unattractive children especially because I don’t have any of my own to help my argument. I have to say I am that girl if I give you my number next will come your Instagram where I will look through all your pictures checking for females as well as children. Now I’m only 25 and I don’t see my life with children right now therefore I could not date someone with children at the moment. Over the summer I was semi-talking to this guy and he had pictures of his niece and nephew on his Instagram and they weren’t the most attractive to me which to me meant the whole family had bad genes and I couldn’t be involved anymore.

Call me shallow but I’m not the only person who thinks like this I just might be the only person to say it out loud. I feel like it’s no different then shopping for a sperm donor, which is how the topic of conversation came about on the show. From my understanding when looking for a sperm donor it is like shopping you have a whole profile on the person which goes beyond just their DNA. You know can find out their likes, dislikes if they have talent, what they’re good at, if they’re smart. So I think I’m justified in saying that wanting a man with good genes isn’t completely terrible. Now like I said I don’t have children but I am confident that I will have the stronger genes no matter what but one never knows. It does make me wonder I know how I feel now but in a couple years would I feel different. So, I’ll ask the question again are bad genes a deal breaker? Watch the clip below



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