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Out With October

So lately I have really been on the go and October held allot of personal and business difficulties. First thing for me October is breast cancer awareness month which effects me personally because my aunt and great grandmother had gotten diagnosed with breast cancer and beat it so its definitely something to celebrate. But also my other aunt just recently got diagnosed and is currently going thorough chemo with 7 treatments left and also undergoing boast treatments to where the lump actually is {keep her your prayers and thoughts}. October also brings the one year anniversary of my grandmother passing of lung cancer. So yes October was a bit much for me emotionally being as my loved ones and I where going to through the motions and still adjusting to life without her. I find myself really missing being able to tell her about my day and all the drama and scenarios I had been faced with and how she would be so amazed at certain things and how much of my life she enjoyed because I enjoyed it. Well now I have Pop to tell the stories too even though he might not understand the content his ear will do the trick.

Other than the personal issues that October brought it also brought the most biggest blessing of the month BIRTHDAYS!!! And yes #SamanthaAndTheCity was one of the few people that I know with birthdays that are celebrating. October 15 marked her 25th birthday, which I absolutely could not miss. So of course being the friend that I am I had to go where ever the birthday girl would be celebrating which was in the Big Apple, New York City. This was not your average birthday celebrating this was a birthday extravaganza that included an itinerary, Uber and plenty of Cosmo's which is Sam's drink of choice. When I tell you this girl never seems to disappoint me, it should really be her job to show you a good time in any city that you may be visiting. From Mac Makeup appointments for all that attended to brunch reservation at top of the most elegant restaurant in New York. #SamanthaAndTheCity definitely had me at my upmost high in October when I was feeling most low. While our weekend came to an end an the surreal moment of looking over the river and the New York skyline I couldn't help but to be ever so humble for a friend that brings so much into my life, such sparkle, essence and purpose. It just felt so good to just "be" and brunch.

The food was amazing the setting was perfect as the sun set and our exuberant weekend came to a close, I part from my friend in the city cab who couldn't help but a shed tear because of my departure. She helped me realized that it isn't all that bad and life does hand you hiccups but it also hands you a clear glass of water as well and that exactly what she was to me during the month of October. So now that that hectic month is over and my hiccups are finally gone November is here with new possibilities, new love and a refueled passion is waiting to be revealed. And do I need to remind you that in counting it is 36 days always until my big birthday trip to Dubai!! God is really showing off!!

Peace Love and Blessings



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