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Call Me Murphy

Murphys Law- The idea that anything that can go wrong will go wrong

Basically has been my life the whole month of October literally from beginning to end. I should have known that something was up when I was in church taking communion and I couldn’t get my juice open so I was only able to take half of my communion. Then within days of each other my phone and computer broke hence the hiatus we’ve been on for the past couple of weeks. So no phone, no computer, no man seriously what is a girl supposed to do. I honestly thought I was going to loose my mind.

Being the media freak that I am which includes everything television and social media most days I have on the TV with computer in my lap with my phone in my hand, I felt so disconnected to the world. Not to mention trying to run a blog without my Mac I could not deal, PC life just won’t do it for me. Then we all know how much I despise my job, which seems to be getting worse and worse by the day, so I’ve been in the search for something new until I move to LA. Got an amazing offer right on the spot but HR immediately reneged the offer because of upcoming travel plans. I couldn’t have been more livid.

Safe to say the worse time of my life, it felt like finals week in college all over again and that feeling of failing out of school but this time I felt like I was failing at life. One wrong thing after another I wanted to cry everyday. Those that know me know I’m not the most sensitive person I rarely cry and when I do you know something is very wrong. Only shed a few baby tears because I have to keep it funky. With all this going on I realized it brought me closer to God. Now I pray regularly but, I have never prayed the way I did this past month before. It gave me so much closure that even though I was being knocked down left and right and felt so broken, I was able to pick up those broken pieces and keep it moving and as always I had #TeaWithTiffany to remind me of that. I have never been so excited for the month of November. I feel so refreshed so ready to get back to what’s important and always remembering to pray when things are good as well as when they are bad.


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