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Barbee X Bdes Freak Show

Cupcakes, spray paint , flashing lights and top hats is what the scene was most inhabited with Saturday, October, 10th at Red Cedar Studios which marked the debut of "These Pink Lips" Iris Bonner and "B. Des" Brittany Deshields , fashion line. Two completely different designers together created a "Freak Show"

Now if you don’t know who these two queen designers are then I'm sure you are familiar with the 2015 VMA's when Amber Rose and Blac Chyna graced our television wearing their Instagram comments! (Gold Digger, Stripper, Slut) was some of the slang that was painted on the celebrities garments which consisted of a body con jump suite which was filled out by Amber Rose and a sleek scoped neck gown that Chyna wore all in which where made by fashion designer Brittany Deshields and painted by Iris Bonner. It was said that this was an idea made up by Amber and they wanted to own the shaming that people seem to stick to them because of their chosen career and exotic flare. These two women are very powerful in the hip hop arena being as Amber Rose has a child with rapper Wiz Khalifa and Blac Chyna a son with Tyga. The sexy duo who seems to be good friends by always showing up on the red carpets together decided to face their bullies and the world head on by wearing the hateful words that you see popping up under photos of them on social media. After the VMA's the designers have been getting a lot of buzz because of their coupled design capacity and it seemed they haven’t been able to breathe since. The designers have been working on their themed fashion show "Freak Show" which I had the lovely opportunity to view this pass Saturday. Like stated previously walking into the venue you were greeted with spray paint, neon lights and bodacious women working the crowd in their freak show attire.

The energy was vibrant and fun with a urban twist to it which hit home for me on so many levels growing up in the urban community where art shows and basements parties where a big deal. The venue was spacious with huge white walls and ceilings which really opened up the space. There was beauty in the random objects that where dispersed around the room, a full bed in the corner for picture taking and risqué posing, bathtubs filled with champagne and burlesque dancers. The designers made sure that there was enough entertainment to keep the guests interest peaked while we waited for the show to begin. The show opened up with everyone on edge to see what the ladies had to offer as everyone scrambled to runway as the host began to introduce the collections.

The show opened up with a model dressed as cat woman who gave us a show and began to charge down the runway. @ThesePinkLips gave straight girl power and owning your femininity in whatever you shall chose to wear. Painted body suits with leather biker jackets and huge platform heels were a must to walk in this portion of the show. This collection had everything from boy jeans to knee boots to long trench coats for the winter season. I must say I was very impressed an excited to see what would be next to come down the runway. With this line of apparel it's all about being bold, owning your sexy and having confidence in doing so. Her goal and vision comes across extremely strong which is why her work has been successful thus far. The styling that was chosen was perfect for the type of girl Iris targets which is nothing less than bamboo earrings, chunky rope gold chains accompanied all by a vibrant lip color.

Now when it comes to structure, silhouette and fabrics @brittanydeshields is your girl! Her collection was filled with flowy fabrics and sexy cut outs that left her garments tasteful but also very fashion forward and sexy. Plunging neckline, revealing backs along with beautiful trains flooded the runway when B.Des name was announce which left everyone speechless and hearts skipping a beat at the fluidity of the gowns that floated down the runway. I really enjoyed her choice of appliques with the fabrics she really caught the essence of a woman's figure and how much we can be sexy without revealing too much. The styling was very simple to none with stud earrings and maybe a bracelet here and there but nothing to take our eyes off of the garment. Overall this show was amazing! I really enjoyed myself and couldn’t wait to blog about this event. Being able to view what these women will have in store for us was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. This event housed Philadelphia's urban community and served as a networking event as well I was able to meet, artists, designers, real estate agents and many more. A crowd full of opportunity and creativity! If you are anticipating on shopping with @ThesePinkLips or @BrittanyDeshields visit them online at and Also to view more photos of the event use #barbeebdesfreakshow



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