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Age Defined by the Number

So the age old question still remains a mystery today. Does the number that you introduce yourself with defy more than what it should? Let me first introduce my personal experience when it comes to men and age. I usually define a man older than the age of 30 to being more respectful, well rounded and of course more mature. Well my faithful followers, seems to be that I should be leaving those opinions in the past thanks to my recent encounter with a certain mystery man that I introduced in my last story.

When meeting a guy over the age of 30 I immediately send them the heart eyes emoji. Most of my encounters with these men have never really tended to work out in the long run. I always figured it happened to be simple things such as it just not working out; never did I count age as a factor. Women nowadays don’t really tend to date a man their age, especially if you’re still in your mid twenties. We all know the age old myth about men aging slower than us women (sorry guys you made this stereotype very true). But I have come to the realization that unfortunately, age doesn’t really define the man. Don’t worry ladies; I am here to share all the red flags to look out for in your “grown” and sexy mystery guy…. And I use the term “grown” very loosely.

So as we continue my short love story in my previous post, my mystery guy was definitely one responsible for my wake up call. Let me try to explain without revealing too much. After the one Cinderella evening of dancing the night away we of course exchange numbers. Expectations are never clear on these occasions. I was shocked to hear from him the next day inviting me to see him again. Red flag number one. Everyone knows that after a drunken crazy night you at least allow a few days to plan the next outing, that’s unless you are both conveniently out in the same area. And the invite was one that only someone well known should take part in; I’ll let your imaginations run wild but here’s a hint, it may include ribs and red solo cups. I’ll pass. As I kindly declined his invitation we continued to message each other funny things about the night before. Still remaining calm, casual and charming, my 3 C’s to success, as I arrived at work the next day our conversation seemed to be continuing. Ok what’s the catch here?

For one, my astonishment may be due to this man being very good looking in his sense, and to add he was a very good dancer (he was ok). Usually when this is the case good looking men don’t like to put themselves out there. I refused to think our encounter made a difference. I continued my Sunday of work as he let me know that he was conveniently in the city not too far from me. I grew more and more curious to know his story. Since it was going to be a late night of work I suggested that we meet afterwards around 10:30. He agreed and before I knew it I was clocking out, freshening up and jumping into a cab towards the Meatpacking District in downtown Manhattan. As I arrived in front of the bar of my choosing, which didn’t serve as one of my best suggestions, I hesitated going in knowing it wouldn’t serve very pleasing like my usual outings.

I walked in confidently immediately realizing that my outfit was way too good for this bar. I noticed him right away waiting for me. With his drink looking like he needed a refill he turned and stood to greet me. My sober eyes were happy to see that he looked just as handsome as my drunken ones remember. With that being a relief I sat and ordered my usual cosmo as we immediately started joking about the bar of my choosing. I already lost points for my credibility for my poor choice; damn you yelp. Anyway conversation continued as I was worried about going elsewhere when he seemed to clearly care less. I let it go as we agreed to take the party elsewhere after the first drink. I usually would’ve downed my drink but the great conversation left me actually enjoying myself. Our conversation somewhat turned into a debate about Spanish dancing technique and etiquette. In no time I felt like continuing the night I had when we first met.

Skipping over a few stops I found myself in the car on my way to some unfamiliar territory. I don’t know if it was me feeling very comfortable around him, or my second cosmo that led me to trust him. We ended up at our third bar. Walking in he grabbed my hand and as a result to my nerves being in an unfamiliar environment, I held on. This bar seemed to be more of a club if anything. The loud music and red neon lights definitely made me feel like it was. As we headed over to the bar my third cosmo was screaming my name (don’t judge me people). He left me alone at the bar for a moment as I had a chance to finally gather my thoughts. Ok so this guy seemed pretty normal. Good looking, funny and pretty down to earth. I know this guy had a flaw that would surpass all these qualities. Then I thought to myself as I turned to look at him as he walked back towards me, “This guy is either in a relationship or crazy”. I decided for my enjoyment to choose to think he was crazy.

Oh wait did I forget to reveal the most shocking fact. As most of you may assume by this stories title, mystery guy was far from young. Try adding a +1 to Kanye West’s age and you will get your answer. Still in deep thought he arrived back next to me. I had to shake it off and not be obvious as I played it off and continued to lightly dance to the good music. Together we finished our drinks and headed out the door as the music stopped and we headed out before the crowd. I looked around and considered fleeing at that moment. But even if I wanted to, his tight grip still on my hand won’t allow it. I gave up the fight and decided to let my guard down for the rest of the evening……

My evening was much unsuspected. I actually seemed to enjoy myself still as my guard went back up as it came closer to my departure. Never being the one to kiss and tell you can let your imagination run wild as always. You should know that our debate earlier on Spanish dancing etiquette came back into play as we danced this night away in a different setting.

Unfortunately unlike most fairy tales, this one does not have the happiest ending; insert sad emoji face here. It looks promising now doesn’t it? You will have to stay tuned because due to this post being longer than then this love story, you will have to wait until the next chapter… And by the way, this was me being nice.


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