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Drunk In Love

Leaving work at 5pm on a Friday evening is one of the best feelings in the world. Now with my new residence being 20 min away from midtown and all things fabulous, the possibilities for my Friday nights were endless. Now as of late, my obsession for my usual Friday nights has been limited, but this night had to be a special one. I can hear a cosmopolitan screaming my name as I started getting ready to experience my fun night ahead.

People who know me most understand that my Latin side only comes out every so often. Usually Friday nights when I decide to visit a trendy salsa hotspot is when it’s time to reveal it all. This Friday I decided to visit Iguana Café which is located in my favorite part of Midtown Manhattan on 54th and 9th ave. I discovered this place while out with one of my friends on a random evening when we needed a place that can be best for cocktails and conversation. It was a Tuesday evening very close to closing time. We were welcomed in and happened to meet the owner who showed us a tour of the club and promised it hosts a great time on its busier days being Fridays and Saturday nights. I took advantage of that invitation and this past Friday happened to be my second visit to this club. When visiting a place such as this you are always in hopes of finding the right dance partner that show you off in the best way. I made sure that I had a few glasses of red wine before I left in order to loosen me up just in case I find what I’m looking for.

I showed up before my friend and walked right in surprisingly confident to walk inside by myself. It could be the randomness of the New York City night life, or the liquid courage I conveniently had before leaving my home. Regardless I was ready to get a preview of what the night had in store. As I walked in, the owner stopped to greet me and walked me over to the bar as he complimented me with a cosmo while I wait for my friend. The club had three floors. The main which was the restaurant during the day, downstairs which had more of an upbeat top 40s and hip hop vibe and at last the second floor which played my favorites Salsa, Meringue and Bachata tunes that I walked in ready to dance to. As my friend showed up, fashionably late of course, I was ready to check out the crowd.

My surroundings and vibe of a place is always most intriguing to me. I take joy in scoping out the scene to capture what else can possibly be going on around me. Whenever I visit a place such as this, the room is usually filled with a lot of couples, or that’s what it seems to look like. Or could it be the natural being of the Latin community to always fall in love as they dance to the close and sensual style of the music. With this being my guilty pleasure I sure have been in the situation many times… and tonight has made it to the top of my list. Ladies and men alike can all agree that when we are single in the city on a tipsy Friday night, the best thing you can find is a good looking somebody that you can “innocently” hang out with. Lucky for me my friend’s gay eye served me perfectly as he was able to scope out the perfect match for me that evening. Of course I wasted no time in walking right over to the handsome stranger as my favorite song came on. I almost saw it as a cue for me to make the first move.

Six feet tall, perfectly tanned skin casual in a black v-neck shirt standing there slowly bobbing his head to the beat, he probably had no idea what was coming. I confidently asked him if he could dance as he let out a small chuckle. He grabbed my hand and we were the center of attention in no time at all. As we danced I swear I looked up and thanked god that I found the right partner for the rest of the night. We danced the night away while getting a few more drinks and getting to know each other a little in the mean time. You know the same mediocre conversation being the “where are you from?” and the “do you come here often?” lines. Lucky for me this mystery guy had a very good sense of humor on him that actually was able to hold my attention for awhile. His good looks helped him out as well.

I don’t know if it’s the music, the alcohol or the instant attraction that both combined can result in but I was definitely a fan. As you can assume we hit it off, and being as though I am never the one to kiss and tell the mystery remains in the night. It’s almost as if evenings like this play out a scene to your favorite music video and we all know how they play out. Two good looking people lock eyes in the club and suddenly it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I see it as being a very, VERY short love story that is over right after the music stops. And unfortunately this case wasn’t any different. As a matter of fact I actually saw this person shortly after and then again on another occasion. Ohhhh and it seems to be that our mystery Latin hottie has served as inspiration to my next story. So stay tuned, I’m sure we all can relate to this one…..


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