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#SoObsessedWed Todrick

Even if you don’t know the name (and you should) you’ve definitely seen his viral YouTube videos in your news feed. That’s right Todrick Hall who just landed a new show on MTV self titled Todrick. Y’all already know how much I love television and production why wouldn’t Todrick be my latest obsession.

As long as I can remember I’ve always loved behind the scenes features. I remember when MTV had Making the Video where you basically see the making of a music video from start to finish, I thought it was the best thing ever. I should have realized then that my passion was always production. Todrick’s videos are always so dope I’m always like how does he come up with these ideas? He literally says we’re making a video and along with his team they just began to create in a matter of minutes. They make it so simple and really shows that if you surround yourself with the right people you can make magic.This show really shows his creative process. I’m always inspired by someone’s creative mind and how it works especially if I think it’s similar to my own.

I guess much like any other project with film you can plan everything down to the tee but you never know when disaster could strike. I know from experience I’ve never created something where the whole production process went smoothly. Either there’s problems with camera work or even worse problems with editing but in the end you produce something so amazing and no one ever sees the series of tiny meltdowns you may have had along the way. You definitely get to see all the ups and downs of production with lots of laughs along the way with Todrick. Be sure to check out Todrick Mondays at 10:30 on MTV. In the meantime check out a few of Todrick’s videos below

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