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House of DVF

Last night marked the premiere of the 2nd season of "House of DVF" a television series following seven fashionistas as they compete to be Diane von Furstenberg's brand ambassador. Last year was the premier of the actual show which was very exciting and shocking. No one knew that she had this under wraps and that the competition even existed until the premier of the show in 2014. With the hype of the show and the fact that it started the week after fashion week has me a bit overwhelmed, but I was there on my couch watching and fighting back anxiety at the same time. For some odd reason while watching DVF just like last year my anxiety levels are at an all-time high, because I think I watch the show as if I'm in the competition with them{I feel for these fashionistas}. Needless to say this was the season I auditioned for! This season's girls are not as impressive but after I got wind of everyone's personality I realized that these girls aren’t bad after all. Besides the lack of diversity we do have one black girl that stands out named, Cree she seemed pretty cool but #WhatTheElle thought otherwise she thinks she is a little undecided {if that makes sense} it's almost as if she portrays a character that really isn’t her, after going over the show with #WhatTheElle I do see what she means but I guess we will have to continue to tune in to really get all the girls vibes. I think I already know who the #Bitch of the crew is, but I won't tell just yet. House of DVF comes on E! Sundays at 10pm.

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