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Essence Street Style Block Party

Yesterday marked the 2nd annual street style block party for Essence Magazine in hype of NYFW. I went with anticipation on meeting so many people and just sharing smiles with other black queens. The block party was held in Dumbo, Brooklyn {the Dumbo Archway under the Manhattan Bridge} the block party was hosted by Dana Blair who hosts many events for Essence including the live fashion, entertainment stream that Essence has online. The block party was held to highlight the street style in the black community and also for small businesses to have a chance to vend their products and services. There was a live fashion show which showcased different fashionistas amongst the crowd which I thought was fun! Some celebrities graced us with their presence such as Ciara and Gabrielle Union they were given the Essence Magazine Street Style Award.

So refreshing and rewarding knowing that the African American culture has so much diversity and love for each other, aside of the stereotypes and stigma of how black folk conduct themselves we can come together love, support and smile at each other and the feelings are mutual. The whole day I felt like I was understood and not looked over but appreciated and of high value. At times in other environments us as women we tend to have a shady attitude towards other black women and we feel as if we automatically have to have our guards up when that’s completely not the case. I love the fact that as soon as I walked into this event my guard was let down and was down for the remainder of the day. Having a peace of mind knowing that you feel beautiful and you have the courage to tell someone else they are beautiful is such a force, because you're blessing someone else.

Many selfies where taken and many also were asked to be taken, all day all I got was "Can I take your Picture?" and then I did the same in return by asking them could I take theirs. Being as Hashtags and High Heels were there representing for queens and kings all over it was only right to start snapping pictures of those who tagged the fashion game down.

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