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Fashionably Late

While watching my obsession of Project Runway, a few days ago a familiar face popped up on my screen it was, Rachel Zoe with husband Rodger Berman. The couple where on screen basically acting out a skit about their new upcoming fashion TV Show Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe, literally "I Die" in my Rachel voice. As I'm watching the commercial I'm actually realizing that the couple is pretty funny and I was even laughing at the silly jokes that they made towards each other about different segments they would have during the late night special. Fashionably Late will be a weekly talk show aired straight from her fashion headquarters on Melrose Ave, it will give viewers the inside look of what is hot and what's not in pop culture, beauty and fashion. Now this isn’t just any late night special it will be a fashion talk show and will run for 90 mins after Project Runway which is a fabulous marketing strategy {they already have their audience in front of the television} When I got wind of this show appearing I immediately got so excited! I've always admired Rachel Zoe and her work she is friends with so many A-list celebrities and these aren’t just friends they are clients! I honestly do believe that Fashionably Late will give Fashion Police {which airs on E!} a run for their money. Rachel will be accompanied by Harper's Bazaar editor-at-large Derek Blasberg and husband Rodger Berman. She and her husband are serving as executive producers on the show and will be working with Hudson Media, there is no doubt that this show will be a hit. The show is due to air September 24th 2015 airing immediately after Project Runway. #FashionablyLate #RachelZoe #iDie

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