• Danielle

Life In Transition

Lately I’ve been feeling like my life is in transition. For a while I wasn’t exactly sure what that transition was or why I felt the need for drastic change in my life. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t do well with change. I’ve always thought that "if it ain’t broke don’t’ fix it" The feeling I feel now is almost necessary change in order to elevate myself. So last week I made the decision I was going to move to Los Angeles. My career goals have shifted slightly, since I’ve graduated high school I’ve wanted to work in broadcast whether that be TV or radio. I still want to work in television just not broadcast.

I feel like I’m in this place where I’m waiting for someone to offer me a job. Applying and applying and never hearing anything really put a damper on my spirit. It’s not that I’m unqualified I simply don’t know the right people. That also got me thinking why do I even want to work for someone else. Over and over not hearing back from jobs other than them telling me they decided to go with a different candidate, made me realize maybe this is not for me. I’m learning that if I want to do something I can just do it myself. I have the skills and the tools why not start creating on my own.

The next step I want to transition into is script writing for an original show. Now I have no experience whatsoever but I’m an excellent creative writer so I figured they would go hand in hand. I’m really excited for this next phase in my life. I always feel most productive when I’m working towards something. Now I know I could do all of that here in Philly I just have other creators from college in LA that I want to work with. I love collaborating with a team and bouncing ideas to create something amazing. For the first time I’m not wondering how it’s going to happen I’m just going to make it happen. The right time is always right now.



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