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The Carnegie Club

"This spot behind Carnegie Hall looks like a place where Don Draper would go to smoke a cigar and have a drink to celebrate a deal."...... New York Daily News

As the summer nights get even hotter, so do the fabulous evenings. With the discovery of only the elevated and exclusive venues I've seemed to stumble upon one of my all time favorites. As I believe I should have been born in a different era where we danced under the stars to Sinatra I believe I found a place that can present the closest experience.

The Carnegie Clubs Cocktail and Cigar Lounge is everything only the classics would appreciate. In what almost feels as a secret location right in midtown west it seemed almost difficult to find. I had briefly visited in the past but never long enough to appreciate its unique setting. In my recent encounter with Carnegie I was the lucky one to show this place off. It was a casual Wednesday night a few weeks ago as a special someone decided to finally meet me at a place of my choosing. The few things I was able to get to know about this person was enough to know that they would enjoy this place just as I do. As I was the first person there I entered with the smell of fine cigars greeting me right as I took my first step inside. I looked around first to enjoy the view. As I walked in I noticed a few heads turning immediately in my direction. Being a recent attendee to this place I certainly arrived dressed in only the appropriate manner. No other color represents confident as red could. So I chose to throw on a tight red V-neck midi dress with a split on the side appropriate enough to leave a little for the imagination. Keeping it simple with a black pump with a gold clutch to my side I followed the hostess to my table.

The ambiance is always classy. The light music in the air was always pleasing. Salt and peppered haired men were seated accompanied by their scotch and cigar. Some were seated with a few friends or by themselves seeming to relieve the stress of the day. The Carnegie Clubs decor goes hand in hand with its amazing drink menu as well. With its array of cocktails, classic wines and endless scotch choices for the guys each crafted in perfection. Not to mention their list of fine cigars to accompany any drink of your choice.

Weekends at the Carnegie Club couldn't get finer. This club offers a live concert every weekend known as Sinatra Saturday's. The show is performed by artist Steve Maglio and the Stan Rubin 11 piece orchestra. The show is $40/Person with a 2 drink minimum. They also offer premium seating for $50.00/Person with a 2 drink minimum which guarantees the best seats. With the club celebrating its 15 year anniversary, Sinatra Saturday's is definitely a show I need to see.

As the rest of the evening continued you can guess that my "date" was very pleased with the venue of my choosing. We sat a talked for a little and ordered a few drinks to take the edge off. As you know I'm not one to kiss and tell, you will be happy to know this mysterious guest gained a few points for ordering the finest scotch on the menu. But as the night sadly came to an end I was happy I could show off a place that shows a little bit about myself that only a few would know about.

So if you think you carry the class and sophistication it takes to become a regular than I highly recommend The Carnegie Club for your next fabulous evening.

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