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TV Fall Preview


Summers gone but there’s so much to look forward to in the fall. There’s Fashion Week HELLO!!!! And, not to mention all your favorite shows are back with new surprises and I’ve got just a few previews of some of your favorites as well as a few new shows to look forward too.


Season 2 of Fox breakout hit Empire is definitely going to be one to watch. The fashion, music, and drama will be taken to the next level. This season will more so focus on Lucius and Cookie’s past to further understand why they are the people they are. Cookie monsters get ready Empire returns to Fox September 23rd.


Now we all know how Scandal left off in season 4. Will Fitz and Olivia finally get their happily every after. What the Huck!!! What’s his status and is Quinn still a thing? Has papa Pope really been stopped? You never know with Shonda Rhimes. Scandal returns along with Greys Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder get the wine ready #TGIT is back on ABC September 24th.

Scream Queens:

From the quirky, twisted creative mind that is Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story) comes his newest show Scream Queens. Starring the original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis also featuring Emma Roberts and KeKe Palmer just to name a few. This show takes place on college campus specifically in a sorority where each week there’s a new victim with a couple of laughs along the way. If anyone can deliver horror and comedy in one setting it’s Ryan Murphy be sure to

catch Scream Queens on Fox September 22nd.


A new show based on the 2011 movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. This time actor Jake McDorman takes the mysterious pill that skyrockets his IQ allowing him to recall everything that ever happened. Limitless was an awesome movie and I’m sure the series will certainly deliver especially if Bradley Cooper will make reoccurring appearances. Catch Limitless CBS September 22nd.

Minority Report:

Another show based off of the hit 2001 Tom Cruise film. The series starring Meagan Good and Stark Sands the series picks up 10 years later after the end of the precrime agency but, that hasn’t stopped precogs from stopping crimes before they start. Another great film that I’m sure will deliver a gripping series. Minority Report coming to Fox September 21st.

So much TV so little time. As my dad would say we’re booked. Get your DVR set, popcorn ready and wine chilled because this fall, TV has a lot of action, drama, and comedy that is sure to please.

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