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An Open Door

As I come from another great workout with my long-time friend and personal trainer walking to my car and I suddenly receive an email. Now my phone constantly rings and buzz's with spam emails, alerts from Linked-In and obviously social media. The air is warm and the sun is setting as I walk to my car. I looked at my phone and noticed the email icon and instantly thought it was spam. Now let's take a look back on the previous weeks and how I had been feeling. We all know while in your twenties its bitter sweet because you are at that time in your life when you can be free to do whatever you please and you're not summoned to college studying its now all about the network that you build and relationships you cater to.

Well starting off this New Year I made a vow to myself to attend events to meet people and learn about other things and other people. I love learning, {just not in a classroom teacher talking aspect} But when I say learning I mean becoming a better me for my future. I started off the year so strong attending events and even creating my own event which was the launch of Hashtags and High Heels. But I found soon after the launch I began to trickle down, my fire that I once had in the beginning of the year was soon starting to burn out.

The trigger of it was just life sometimes being overwhelming and I started to notice me coupled with overwhelming thoughts just didn’t mix and my flame just suddenly started to turn into black coal. I'm learning to be content in certain situations and enjoy my calm spurts just as much as I enjoy excitement spurts. I recently just read an article about when things get worst you get better and change the situation around you verses getting emotional strained that you result in depression or being extremely mad or resulting in a stiff spirit stagnant to received or express love or any type of emotion. Well honestly I had been feeling all three and it became truly difficult to move through it based on the amount of pressure I put on myself to get better at EVERYTHING and constantly job search and constantly look for opportunities when I was missing the whole point overall. Faith – had I kept my faith my emotions would have never gotten the best of me or me always trying to please others would have never put a strain on pleasing myself.

Without faith it is impossible to please God, because when you think about it if you're coming to Him with all your questions, concerns and wishes he rewards you because you are seeking Him. The question I continue to ask myself is was I seeking God or seeking opportunities? I ask myself this now because of that day I was walking to my car it was pivotal moment in my faith, the months leading to this door my faith was being tested. The door was finally opened on that warm Tuesday evening when I got lovely email from an editor from Hearst Magazine {If you don't know who they are, Google it, Big Deal} basically requesting my presence to meet her because she was told and I quote " you are someone that I should know" literally random evening of living my life and I get this email from an editor saying that I'm someone that she should know! Praise and "Thank You God" was all I could murmur out my mouth as the tears began to fall. All the doubt, self-worth abuse and being impatient I had had the months prior for this blessing to drop in my inbox I was so humbled and happy. So of course I went to the Hearst headquarters in New York to talk to this angel in disguise. The meeting went well and I was very pleased with my interview. I'm not sure what this open door will have for me on the other side but I know this is another blessing brewing and during my grace period {when you wait for the employer to make a decision} I know my faith will now be stretched and strengthened to see how much patients I have merged into my spirit and how I will allow this open door to stay open because my faith will be too bright to allow it to close.

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