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The Saks Empire

So we all know the breakthrough television series Empire which involves a music mogul Lucius Lyon played by Terrance Howard and his ex-wife Cookie played by Taraji P. Henson as they come together to run the families music empire which is populated by featured artist and other musicians including their sons. Alright Pinky Up! So Saks Fifth Avenue has partnered with Fox to produce a multiplatform partnership that will include an "Empire"-themed aesthetic windows at the New York and Beverly Hills flagships starting in September and running until October 2015. Now for all my Empire lovers I'm pretty sure you all know about the release date of season 2 which will be September 23, 2015.

The operative tone that the store will be highlighting is Gold to mimic the rich record labels that the show displays heavily. I think this approach will be a beautiful kick off for the fall season. The theme seems to be channeling a mix of hip-hop and R&B soulfulness with a dash of glamour which I think pronounces the cast brilliantly.

The president of Saks Fifth Avenue, Marc Metrick stated: "Empire is meaningful and speaks to a wide audience,” Metrick said. “Different characters have different fashion sensibilities, but they’re all fashionable. Luxury to me is a dream. It’s something that can’t all be real. It starts with these characters and this world people climb into every week. In the real world, people wouldn’t wear everything together,” admitted Metrick referring to Cookie Lyon’s on-screen wardrobe. A typical outfit is an Alexander McQueen geometric print dress with a full plum rabbit vest and black pumps with thick gold platforms. For Cookie, animal prints plus leather equals perfection. “Make them do a double take,” is her motto.

When Mr. Metrick stated that people in the real world wouldn’t wear everything together he is absolutely correct Cookie's wardrobe is like that on purpose and her purpose is served well by speaking luxurious and bold. Saks will also be hosting a "How to build an Empire" contest to basically hype up onlookers on social media. The winner of the contest will be able to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the show. It's also reported that Saks will be hosting made-to- measure suiting events based on the men of "Empire's" style in New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago ,Boston, Houston, San Francisco ,Atlanta and Bal Harbour.

The way this project will be executed: Saks partnership will basically be a selection of brands that represent "Empires" aesthetic from fine jewelry to women's ready-to wear and handbags and accessories from big brands like MCM. All featured collections from the windows will be available to purchase in select Saks stores nationwide and Each brand that is in collaboration will be featuring their portion on the websites and their free standing store. A pre-launch party is said to happen for brand positioning and I'm sure it will be massive! THIS IS A BIG DEAL for Empire this isn’t just another movie or designer that will be showcased in Target this is Saks Fifth Avenue it gives Empire so much more quality and rapport that so many people bashed them for lack their of - when the show aired. They are making boss moves unapologetically and I'm even more proud of them for blessing their presence in the pages of Vogue Magazine! For the September issue with Yoncé on the cover.

"We wanted to introduce ‘Empire’ as a lifestyle brand from the outset,” Godsick said. “It has aspirational qualities. We believe it can be a stand-alone fashion brand. It could be an ‘Empire’ label or a label related to a specific character.”

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