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This is what a five star experience feels like. This past Saturday I was lucky to check out one of my new favorite restaurants in Soho, Manhattan. Gato is known to be one of the many restaurants for the popular chef Bobby Flay. My family from Philadelphia has been looking forward to visiting this highly talked about restaurant for some time. My sister is a huge fan of the cooking channel, unlike myself, I can admit that I haven't turned to that channel a few times in my day. Lucky for them I am always up for finding the best places in my city, so I made the reservation picked out a cute outfit and met them there.

I instantly admired the decor and vibe the restaurant gave off. We were immediately greeted by the host who let us know our table would be ready shortly. Arriving on time, which is usually frowned upon in my family, we were ready to eat. Or in my case drink, I was looking forward to the fancy cocktail list they served. The restaurant GATO was inspired by a mysterious orange cat that walked through Mr. Flay's feet on Lafayette Street while he was waiting for a real estate broker to show him the space for the first time. The restaurant represents a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine with a hint of a chic Latin vibe with light salsa music in the air. I definitely checked off bougie hot spot off my checklist. We arrived right when the restaurant opened at 5pm so it wasn't too overcrowded. We were seated in the perfect spot in a round booth right in the middle where we could enjoy the entire ambiance of the restaurant. I looked up and was happy to see our smiling waitress headed our way in no time at all.

Completely clueless to the menu our waitress was amazing at suggesting the best of the best at Gato.

First the dink menu which seemed very promising.

Each cocktail had a name almost as if they had their

own personality, and some proved to be very strong

ones. My drink was named the Jimmie which, was mixed with Finland grapefruit vodka, velvet falernum and lemon. Our table also ordered drinks called Lorenzo which was for the gin lovers and the Pedro which was a rum based drink and also not for the faint hearted. Next came the appetizers shortly after our drinks. We ordered a few small plates from the bar menu to share for the table. Each bite was a revelation (yes the drama is necessary) my favorite was the mussel salad. We also had a taste of lamb pizza which we savored an

We all know the most thrilling experience in the world is when you see your food on its way to the table. Each entree looked amazing and they weren't your usual small plates. Each plate was such a good size it was big enough for all of us to share, which I didn't do much of. My saffron linguine was probably the best meal I've ever had. It was mixed with mussels, garlic and parsley. I took my time and savored every bite.

After dinner my sister was looking forward mostly to the desert. On one of her favorite cooking shows she heard of and apple pie that apparently was to die for but unfortunately she was let down due to it being only available during the fall season. So as we decided to skip out on desert and take the check our waitress came over with a complementary desert and round of Sherry, which is the best dessert wine I've ever tasted. If have to say that the restaurant definitely accommodated every aspect of our experience.

So as you drool over the these pictures taken of my amazing experience, I recommend visiting Gato next time you're in the NY area located right in the heart of Soho. Gato is great for any occasion from a family dinner like mine or a romantic date toTake your special someone. This restaurant is sure not to disappoint.

Bon appetite


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