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Grow Your Roots and Get Grounded

"Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace" –Steve Goodier

When you are not connected to your body and surrounding environment you really don’t have a strong sense of direction or purpose, it's honestly almost as if you are just floating better yet letting your life float by you. The constant disconnect from the world is what challenges your thinking, consciously you know your overwhelmed so you shut down one part of yourself which causes unbalance. Positive thinking is to imagine yourself as this beautiful big willow tree that stands strong and is unmovable, in spite the of natural disasters that this tree may go through it still stands strong! Yes it may lose a couple leaves and branches but the tree still stands. I feel like my journey has just begun with my state of grounding.

The problems that I may be going through personally does not influence my daily life because of my peaceful and balanced lifestyle I chose to adapt. My first grounding move was yoga! It's something that I have so much personal interest in not just for the physical part but for the mental and spiritual cleanse that your well-being receives. I recently just noticed how content I am in the midst of the storm that I'm currently facing. I know that I will not be left here forever and I know how much faith I have in God and how much of that I see in myself. On Sunday I was able to take a walk on the Lincoln Drive Trail which was absolutely refreshing and surreal.

I saw turtles {which I love} in their natural state and also schools of fish and swarms of bees. Now I'm no nature queen but this particular Sunday I had a new found love for

(Lincoln Drive Trail)

what I was witnessing and it made me feel even more grounded. To feel the earth benefit my feet and the wind against my cheek was so comforting. The mantra "everything is going to be alright" is what flowed in one ear and out another which brought a smile to my face for the remainder of the day. Followed by my walk was fishing with my boyfriend {which he loves} and the joy that it brings him really warms my heart and that’s when I realized my second grounding move was vibrating with others while embracing their joy and positive vibes. You only invite into your life what you reflect and when a person's vibe has skyrocketed with joy it brings so much affirmation to your life especially if it’s a loved one. Our fishing journey was followed by a swim on that hot 90 degrees day which allowed for love to flourish as we swirled and swam laps at the pool.

John B. Kelly Swim Club (Fairmount Park, Philadelphia) Photo:

This now brought me to my third grounding move which is being taught, I know it sounds quite silly but as stubborn as I am I really do love that fact of learning new things and challenging myself. I find so much reward in completing something the correct way in its entirety and this lesson was swimming {No! I don’t know how to swim} as embarrassing this is to admit but I never had the opportunity to be taught until I realized how much I was selling myself short by not knowing how. I actually did better than my boyfriend expected and the fact is I actually have the technique but I psych myself out when I don’t feel the ground beneath my feet. Although I didn’t leave with having it completely down pack I left with the fact that I am on the right track and I will only get stronger and better. Here it is a random Sunday with nothing but opportunity and time and I feel like it has been the most grounding Sundays that I have had in while. "If you fail to use a day's deposits the lost is yours. You must live in the present on today's deposits" - unknown

Being peaceful having clarity and loving myself enough is where my tree began and now as I LIVE and not just exist my grounding roots will continue to get stronger. The rest is still unwritten and my tree has so much more growing to do.

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