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Too Much Sexual Content?

Pinky Up! So have you heard the buzz about COSMOPLITAN MAGAZINE? Well, they have a lot of explaining to do. A trade group call the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has been pursuing Cosmo for its "Pornographic" covers {I know its crazy right!} When I first read about this story I was in complete shock, one being because I stumbled over this article, and two being because why Cosmo? And why now? They basically want to keep it away from the eyes of minors. Last week the above group won their battle against familiar stores like Right Aid and Delhaize America {they own the Food Lion stores} who agreed to put Cosmo behind blinders, like they do other unappropriated magazines. Can you all believe this? Because I can't, even growing up I didn’t bother to read Cosmo nor did I sense it as being inappropriate enough for me not to grab. Cosmo was honestly not talked about growing up for me and I only first got introduced to the publication in my 20s.

The NCSE {National Center on Sexual Exploitation} are requiring these blinders due to the magazine's inappropriate content and covers. Ride Aid confirmed the news, adding "We will continue to carry this publication and will be working to place future issues of this publication behind pocket shields" Delhaize America did not report a confirmation at this time. Others such as Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the NCSE said Cosmo's placement would be altered in all 4,600 Ride Aid stores and 1,000-plsus Food Lions and Hannaford Stored. Dawn stated that "We hope that covering it sends the message to shoppers that Cosmo is not a women's friendly magazine, but that it really is pushing women to accept the pornified and sexually violent culture around us. Once people realize what Cosmo is really promoting, we expect that either sales will drop or Cosmo will be forced to change their course"

Just baffled! I do not agree with this woman's statement and what she is saying about this publication, the only reason they are raising awareness about this magazine because a poll they issued which resulted in 65% of customers stating that the magazine was inappropriate to sit on the shelves with other fashion, beauty and health magazines. Cosmo Magazine does heavily promote finding your sexy with how to use it, what to do with it and also how to protect it. I do honestly believe that the NCSE is really bullying the publication and I hope Cosmo fights back strong with concrete arguments. This tea just got good! I'll be on the lookout for Cosmo on the shelves in Ride Aid to see if these blinders are indeed up as they say.

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