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Live In The Moment

Do you ever find yourself at an event or on vacation and have a million pictures that all end up looking the same. Of course when we go to a new place we want to capture every experience so that we remember but, did you ever think that you would remember the experience by actually living in it.

Recently I was looking through pictures I took when I first went to Europe when I was 17. I had pictures of the Eiffel tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and even Mt Vesuvius all good right? Then I also had pictures of artwork and churches that I couldn’t remember for the life of me what they were. I’m looking at these pictures like why the hell did I take these? Like did I know what piece of art this was when I took the picture or maybe I would have been able to remember if I actually paid attention rather than whipping out my camera every 5 seconds.

I say all this to say we get so caught up taking pictures and trying to capture every single moment that we forget to experience it. What’s the point of taking pictures of everything if your not going to remember what it is a week later. So many times we want to flood peoples timelines and news feeds with pictures to prove that we’re doing something; it’s not necessary. I once had a travel guide tell me don’t take pictures of things you can find on Google. Seriously the realest thing I’ve ever heard. Not saying never take pictures but just don’t forget to live in that incredible moment because you might not always remember that picture but you will always remember how that experience made you feel.

This just doesn’t apply to vacation but life in general. Some of my best times with my friends are the nights I have no pictures of because we we’re having real life fun not just fake Instagram fun. Life is for living and experiencing life outside your own. Be present and live in the moment. Never let opportunities pass you by. I’m content with my life knowing that I’m living and not existing. Take chances, make mistakes, fail, get up fail again and persevere and live to the fullest.

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