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Spiritual Tune Up

So over the weekend I had the lovely chance to travel to Chestnut Hill, Pa and if you ever been, you’ll know exactly what I mean by “lovely” The whole area has such personality and such natural greenery. I visited their main street with all the consignment shops and mom & pop bakeries which are novelties that I admire about little towns. At Chestnut Hill the opportunities are endless and the aesthetic is one to be reckoned with. I went to visit the Herbiary; which is a holistic store that sells organic oils and loose tea herbs, they also have a location in the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, PA. I had been reading a week prior a recipe for skin care and discoloration on women of color and wanted to whip up my own batch and get some results. Unfortunately, the store that I was going to get my ingredients was closed down so I had to take my shopping elsewhere. The next stop was to do some spiritual cleansing and purchase some meditation crystals for myself and also gift some to my boyfriend. There is this great store In Ambler, PA called Holistic Apothecary specializing in holistic care, aroma therapy, stone meditation and so much more. Visit them at and check out the services that they offer. While there I was able to pick up:

Black Agate -This is good for fortune, increases concentration and clarity. Promotes good will, Removes jinxes, and helps eliminate bad luck and also has many other amazing properties.

Green Aventurine – Facilitates balancing and the alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies. It reinforces ones decisiveness and increases gratitude and promotes tranquility and positive attitudes.

Pyrite –Very protective and shielding stone. Helps shy away negative vibrations and can allay in physical danger. Encourages and sustains the flawless idea of health, Intellect and emotional well-being. It's great for strengthening will power, reduce anxiety and or if you are having trouble with commitment. Pyrite is a beautiful purifying stone for the body.

And last but certainly not lease ….

Clear Quarts Crystal –The ultimate healing stone, extremely popular and known as the master healer of the mineral kingdom. This stone is able to work on any condition. Clear quartz crystal helps to amplify any energy or intention. Helps to attune to your higher self and relieve pain.

So excited about my purchases and spiritual tune in time with my yoga classes and meditation, I plan on carrying my new stones with me along with switching out others that I already have. This week once I get all of my final ingredients for my new skin care regiment I will be whipping up some goodies to try and really give back to my skin the way it deserves! Don’t worry ill track my progress and share with you all soon.

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