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The Satisfied Single

Are you the single amongst ALL your coupled friend’s? Everywhere you look someone is either getting married or starting families and your biggest concern is how much sleep do I have before work. Then suddenly you’re oh so in love friends feel like it’s their job in life to set you up with someone as if your life depends on it but in reality your quite fine. Then you my friend are the satisfied single.

I first heard this term while watching The Real one morning and host and comedian Loni Love was expressing that she deems herself a satisfied single. She’s very happy being single and isn’t opposed to dating but not really dating to get married. At the point I am in my life I'm not looking to get married anytime soon and I'm not sure if I ever want to be married so for now I would consider myself a satisfied single. Yeah companionship is important but I do enjoy the time I spend by myself. Now I’m not opposed to dating but like all of my friends know I have a very low tolerance for BS. I’m very picky with whom I spend my time with because time is the one thing I cherish the most so as Joseline (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) would say “I’m not going to entertain your shenanigans.”

Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those I don’t need a man type chicks I’m just saying I’m not desperate for one. My self worth is not dependent on if I have a significant other. No one should ever base his or her happiness off of someone else. When in relationships I think it’s important to ask ourselves do I see myself with this person long term or am I simply with them for the sake of calling someone bae. For me I also really want to work on myself before I decide to share my energy with someone. I think it’s important to really know and love yourself before you start looking for a committed relationship. My dad once told me love should be like finding money in the dryer, you weren’t necessarily looking for it but your glad you found it. So until your crying to your friends about how you’re so alone tell them to chill out with finding you someone, in the meantime pour a drink and book a flight.

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