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Do you have that one mascara that you constantly use and don’t seem to fine the energy to go buy more!? Well I do and it started with the free trial size of benefit cosmetics and their mascara "They're Real!" I fell in love with the line just by their marketing and concept that they have, it screams 1950s and anyone that knows me knows that the 50's is an era that I envy the most {only because I wasn’t born in it} I love the fashion and just the aesthetical value of that time. So once I saw the benefit brand I was hooked. I got my first free trial while in ULTA and purchasing a few items and while there I received a Benefit bundle that had trial sizes of their top popular items and the They're Real Mascara was one of them. The other items I didn’t really have interest in but the mascara I tried out the following day and I noticed such a difference in my eyes. My eyes where definitely more open and dramatic, which is the look I tend to go for with my eye make-up. After my free trial had been used up I immediately went back to ULTA and purchased a regular size which ran me about $25. The money that I paid for it didn’t shock me as much because I knew exactly what quality I was receiving. If I were you I would definitely recommend trying out Benefits They're Real! Mascara, also try out their Sun Beam luminous highlighting serum to get a more golden undertone to your make up application.

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