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Saturday, June 11th I got a lovely call from a friend to come visit her in New York City for an event called "Everyday People". So basically after attending they have different events each month in different locations with food, music and great people. This particular event was held at the beach in La Marina in NYC with a brunch buffet open from 12pm – 4pm and also bottle reservation. Upon getting there you were greeted by an extremely long line of people waiting to get in, but thankfully we knew others who were attending so waiting didn’t exists on our agenda that whole entire day. The marina was beautiful with sand, cabanas and umbrellas accompanied by jewel toned hookahs and matching lights that really gave off a free spirited atmosphere. The crowd was perfect {not overly crowded, well except at the bar} and the sun was out. Everyone in attendance was styled beachy boho which I absolutely was in love with. As the day continued so did the conversations and meeting new people.

Among meeting new people and enjoying the sun I came across the lovely Claire Sulmers who owns and is the editorial lead to the amazing blog she was just as perfect in person as she is online and her Instagram. I talked to her and told her how much of a fan I was of her work and told her about Hashtags and Highheels. She was so sweet and personable and I was in awe at the fact that I ran into her and got to meet her.

Another member of the fashion world that I'm completely head over heels for is Ty Hunter who is Beyoncé' creative director/stylist and also owner of "With Passion" clothing line by served fresh who I blogged about previously. While speaking with Ty I felt as if we clicked instantly he also was so nice and gave some inspirational words.

Hands down the "Everyday People" event was so much fun and just when I thought the day was coming to an end I happened to run into Fatimah Siad who is a model from cycle 10 of Americas Next Top Model. The television does not do her beauty any justice because she is amazingly beautiful in person. I love the fact that these remarkably talented people were among the crowd at an event called everyday people because at the end of the day that’s exactly what they are and that’s exactly how they acted!

Everyone that I spoke to that day was approachable and didn’t give off any other vibe but humble. Some reality stars and other people of a higher career caliber can be intimidating and unwelcoming but my experience this weekend was definitely one to remember. Their influence on my career really helps during the journey to success and I can only be thankful for that. Dreams can come to reality and things that you won't ever dream can be reality, this is a pure example of how if you take risk you could be that much closer to what you think is impossible. Had I not got that call from my friend and took the leap to go to New York I would not have met any of the people that really inspire me the most or be able to converse with them about my dream . When it feels right take the risk. Now our business card is in the hands of a lead editor for one of the most top fashion blogs in the United States. #WayyyyyyUpIFeelBlessed #EverydayPeopleNYC #

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