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Life In A Glass Ball

Recently while strolling down the blocks of the lovely city of Philadelphia I stumbled upon Ritten House Square little pop up shops that seem to come every now and then. I came across a shop that housed these beautiful glass vases, balls and bulbs. But the great thing about this glass work is what was inside of them; it almost looked like a little forest of greenery, plants, dirt and rocks. Now I know that sounds quite weird, but these plants where simply breathtaking if you ask me. I love everything about spirituality and great vibes in a home and I always told myself once I get a place that I can actually call my own that it would have beautiful things in it and it would have a Zen about it that gave off peace. They are called Terrariums; which are a sealed transparent globes or similar containers in which plants are grown. They give an interior that is dull a fresh balance and what's really great about them they house real plants. The typical plants that usually live inside are plants that thrive in humid climates and are low maintenance.

Terrariums are often kept as decorative or ornamental items. The reason for them to be in glass is not only for the open eye to view but for the sun to heat the glass and for the plant to receive sun light to grow. Inside of the Terrariums the plant creates its own water cycle which is why it's considered low maintenance because you barely have to water it. I love the endless possibilities with a Terrarium for the home it adds so much life to any type of room. What is your favorite home interior design must have?

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